let’s face it, cat toys can be real ugly. and if you are going to have pet toys laying all around the house, they might as well look attractive, right? here are some cat nip creations that natalie put together for us!

what you’ll need:
• Felt
• Embroidery Thread
• Cat Nip
• Batting
• Dowel Rod
• Riff Raff (ribbons, pom palms, metallic yarn…try to think like a cat)

the steps:
• make yourself a diamond pattern by drawing 2 equilateral triangle (ie, the same length on all 3 sides) that measure 2.5 inches on each edge.
• cut several diamonds out of felt, you will need 2 diamonds for every toy.
• pin two of the edges together as shown in the photo below.

• starting at one point hand stitch along the edge and continue around each side, as you move along the edge the toy will begin to take on a three dimensional shape.
• when you get to the final edge fill the toy with equal parts batting and catnip (you can use a small funnel to get catnip inside if you like)
• continue to stitch the toy up on it’s final edge and then go around a second time so that both sides of the toy are sewn shut, tie closed when you return to your starting point.

for the fancy stick:
• attach the end of the remaining length of thread to a dowel rod if desired. we wrapped the thread around the end of the dowel and glued a piece of felt around it for extra strength.
• tie your little bits of riff raff to the string for added pizazz and cat enticement.
• if you want to go the extra mile you can glue scraps of felt to the dowel to create a colorful handle.

(as with all pet toys, please don’t allow your pet to play unsupervised)

ta da! you’re cat will love you even more, if that’s possible.

(photos & creations by natalie shriver – see her camera straps here!)


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    Anna Z says:

    What a great tutorial!! Seriously. This is something I’m really interested in making. 🙂

    Erika says:

    This is a fantastic make it! I may just have to put on my crafting hat this weekend and make my kitties this great toy. Nice work!

    Sarah says:

    So cute! These are way better than creepy fake (but totally real looking) mice!

    Hannah says:

    Just need a Cat now! Love it!

    Everything in the house must look hot, including the cats’ toys…love that!

    cate says:

    yay that looks likes fun! – such cute kitties too!

    Aaron says:

    Sorry to get off-topic but where’d you get that amazing rug?

    Sarah says:

    I love that you’re cat’s name is clash- so fun!

    So cute! Now if i had a cat and weren’t allergic, I’d definitely make one of these! Sweet little things looks pretty enthralled by the DIY. 🙂 I love their names too!

    Ciara says:

    This is perfect! You’ve done it again, Bri! ♥

    Hanna says:

    Ahhhh coming from a girl with 2 cats, i LOVE the idea of pretty kitty toys! Except I’d probably have to reinforce these with some steel or cement. One of the kitties is a bruiser and would destroy this in one attempt, hahaha.

    Geraldine, Hamburg, Germany says:

    LOVE it!!! Great idea and a really good looking cat toy!! Now I need my cat back (he lives @ my mom)…. 🙁

    Megan says:

    My cat would love this! He loves shiny things, and this would be much better than my necklaces haha!

    xo, Megan

    nikki says:

    Best. DIY. Ever. Who says kitties don’t want to be stylish too?

    Leah says:

    My cat looks exactly like yours! Her name is Grey and she’s a Maine coon!

    Kira says:

    Hm, these are cute but I wouldn’t use those mylar ribbons – my cat loves to eat things like that and it makes her very sick!

    I think this is so cute and cats will definitely love it! As I work for a pet charity, I would just say be careful on what ribbons you use- cats love to eat that stuff!

    Mercedes says:

    wauw that is so cool! have to make one!
    I´m giving away one of my handmade necklaces by choise! curious? come and take a look at my blog…


    Kiss Kiss Mercedes

    look see says:

    Makes me wish I was a cat… (for the toys and the sleeping and whatnot)

    I have so many cat-owning friends I’ve gotta make this for! Too cute.

    Natalie says:

    ahhh so cute, i love it! my cats are savages though and i could see 40 minutes of work being demolished in less than 5 minutes. 🙁 they’ll do anything for their cat nip!

    robbie. says:

    so cute! lovvvvveeeee.

    Marie says:

    How cute. Love the colors and gold. 🙂


    What a beautiful little DIY pet project! Very ‘pawsh’ indeed, Bri!

    Cathy says:

    Omg. I know that my cat would LOVE this! Thanks for the tutorial! Btw, your cats are ADORABLE!

    janes says:

    Please note that strings and ribbons and the metallic streamers and like things can be fatal if cats get them caught around their tongues. It goes into the intestines and pulls the intestines into knots. I had to have my cat put down because of this very thing 2 years ago. It was heart breaking. Please, Please put a note on your post about supervising play due to this risk.- Thanks, and well wishes.

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    This is going to be fun for the cats.

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