blogs are changing. videos are now becoming a VITAL part of blogging! whether it’s a recipe, a style post, a little reel from your vacation…it’s time to add some LIFE to your blog!

with the recent release of Adobe Photoshop CS6, it is now easier than EVER to create and edit videos directly in Photoshop. so easy that we will show you how to make your own videos for your blog in one day. this is going to be the MOST fun.

we are teaching in chicago at this awesome studio! sign up right here!!! (our first class will be a discounted price)

it’s time guys!


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    i saw that it is $309. is that for the whole class or just the first day?

    bri says:

    the class is only one whole day. and it’s $309 total.

    Erika says:

    that’s super exciting! i hope you bring this to the boston area… i’d participate as a student this time around! 🙂

    This is a great idea, Bri! How exciting!!

    Christine says:

    I’d love to take this class! Are you going to offer this class in LA soon?


    Oh it’s time! So excited for you both!!! Hoping I can come!!

    Nic says:

    Nice, kudos to you gals. I’d really, really like to join you – any chance you take split payments?

    Sarah says:

    Wow, so very cool! So impressed and proud of you for taking this so far!

    bri says:

    hope to see you back colleen! and how bout amanda! would love to see you both.

    dee says:

    and i just happen to be in your class the day before…oh man, i want to do this too! ahhhh

    bri says:

    dee! come! it will be a perfect addition to your new skills!

    Amy says:

    Recent announcement of CS6. Not release. Unless you’re a beta tester. In which case you’ve been holding out on your dear readers.

    bri says:

    hey amy!

    the new version will be released within 30 days! and there is so many cool new features.

    tula says:

    hi bri! are you going to have this class in los angeles? pretty please?

    Suzie says:

    Someday I hope to acquire a macbook and photoshop primarily so I can attend blogshop (and this new video class!) and learn to create awesome stuff. I hope you continue to do blogshop for a long time and keep comin back to Chicago … it’s gonna take some time for me to save up =] Wait for meeee!

    Pegah S says:

    Bri, would you offer this class in NYC soon? I was actually going to hire Arian to do a few videos for my company, depending on weather they accept my pitch, but Ii would love to learn making videos myself.

    Ahhh I need to take this class and make my blog pretty with videos. Come to NYC!!!!

    Katherine says:

    pretty please bring to san francisco!

    Oh man!! Hoping to make this happen!!
    How totally fun!!

    eeeeeeeepppp!! i just signed up – so excited!!

    bri says:

    yay caitlin! see you there!

    trina says:

    so i’m signed up for blogshop in chicago. would it be major information overload to take this class too?

    Kim says:

    This is awesome! I wish I could come.

    If this class comes to Europe I AM SO IN.

    Brittany says:

    The studio looks AWESOME. Where is it located? I’m traveling from Nebraska for Blogshop that weekend and I can hardly wait to see it in real life!

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