both jen and I had never explored london. we had zero idea what the “hip” areas were, and we just wanted it to be perfect. for the start of our london trip, we chose to stay at the town hall hotel. and it was a legit choice for sure.

i was immediately intrigued by the unique juxtaposition of old and new going on with the design of the hotel. they have all these little surprises spread around the rooms (brass animals hiding places, unexpected furniture…)

we made these memory books to document our travels together. it took me back to my days of working on a journal everyday…cutting out magazines, carrying around double stick tape…then it all switched to a digital diary. i miss the handmade way sometimes, don’t you?…

they had such an impressive pool situation. i am obsessed with those gold stairs! and they had these cute rubber ducks planted all around the hotel.

side story: jen left her phone in a cab on the way to the hotel (not the best way to start the trip) and the hotel staff went above and beyond to find it. and they did! that one called for a group hug. we became buddies with the really sweet staff here. awesome service like this is hard to find.

oh! we went to the bar to get rid of traveling/jetlag stress and they had the most unique drinks! we ordered one called “the ron burgundy” that was served under a silver platter with smoked mahogany and sat on top of a leather bound book (that you got to sign) i mean, how funny is that!? this hotel just gets it.

it was really great working with hotels.com on this. (when I was little I wanted to be a hotel reviewer ha) they have this cool program called welcome rewards where you accumulate 10 nights and get one free. with all this blogshop travel that adds up pretty quick. our paris hotel was toooootally different than this but equally cool. overall, this london hotel experience was top notch!

(hotel room sponsored by hotels.com/welcomerewards – photos by jen gotch)


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    Kayla says:

    So many great photos! Looks like a great trip!


    That looks like a really good hotel and the staff sounds absolutely amazing–if my friends ask for somewhere to stay I will recommend this one without a doubt.

    And that hotels.com welcome rewards program sounds amazing–especially as I always thought being a hotel reviewer would be one of the coolest jobs ever 🙂

    Looks GREAT!! How long are you in London/England for? And what else do you have planned?

    Gertrude says:

    I am obseesed with hotels!I admit it!I have this odd habit to pay a virtual visit in every room,lobby or pool offered to tourists!I check in everywhere and I am happy!

    Maggie says:

    I’m so jealous – I design hotels for a living, but I’ve never gotten to do anything as fun as that! What a fantastic hotel – thanks for sharing in such a fun way!

    Pegah S says:

    what lovely pictures you have taken and you an Jen look like you can be sisters with the same style. I love your travel book idea, it is so fun and pretty.

    these shots {and places!} are so cool!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Your journals! They look like so much fun. And lucky girls, getting to travel together and stay in such sweet hotels 🙂

    xanthe says:

    Your memory book looks fabulous, I miss making those too x.

    Sunny says:

    Where did you get your green pastel shoes? I love them!

    Ashlie says:

    All your travel posts make me want to take a trip! Luckily I have your awesome photos to look at and pretend I’m there!

    bri says:

    sunny – they are from topshop! and they are comfy!

    Clara says:

    What an awesome way to travel, Bri! I loved your review, it was so helpful. I hope they send you on more trips so you can tell me about more fabulous hotels!

    Brianna says:

    I love the idea of carrying a journal with double stick tape. I never thought of that, only writing about activities when they’re over, but you have a better idea.

    Kayla says:

    I’m going to London in a few weeks, so this post is actually perfect! The hotel looks fab, but what’s the neighborhood like? Convenient? Did you feel safe? I’d love to get your insight! Thanks Bri!

    gia says:

    What about your black striped cardi? Love it.

    eva burns says:

    LOVE the journal! It looks the perfect keepsake. Thanks for sharing all the fun photos.

    YYZ says:

    I love that hotel! The art and the groovy decor “surprises” are so cool! It’s also in the perfect neighbourhood for you guys. Glad you had a good time in my beloved London town. 🙂

    Lorena says:

    Love london! One of my favourites cities. Cute journal!

    thivia says:

    This post is really so inspiring! That book looks gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing, Bri! It really spruced up my day! Nothing like tape and cutting out things for hours. 🙂

    Marie says:

    I love the journals! 🙂 Fun memories.


    ash says:

    this post definitely painted london in a different light for me! i always thought of it as dreary and cold and rainy (thanks to “a tale of two cities” and “great expectations”) but now i see it can be super fun and exciting. if/when i go to london, i know i’ll be staying at the town hall hotel!

    Ronnie says:

    Awesome review Bri! Wondering what journals you guys used?
    Ronnie xo

    Ismay says:

    I’ve stayed in this hotel! It’s really cool. Glad you had a good time.

    Bri, where did you get the books you used for your travel book? I am looking to make a memory book for my best friend’s upcoming birthday. Thanks! 🙂

    anne says:

    I love that idea, of the Ron Burgandy. We have a great bar here in Denver called Williams & Graham – they have a similar concept. They just get it. It is like a modern speak easy, and the service is fantastic!

    in catalogue says:

    very beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing

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