we only had two days in paris, we didn’t want to mess this one up. our friend natalie gave us a tip to stay at The Hotel Gabriel. she told us it was a “relaxation hotel” that was pretty much all white. based on that, we booked it right away.

you walk in the front door and you feel like you are in a spa. which is never a bad thing. axel schoenert designed the hotel to resemble the cruise liners of the 20’s and 30’s.

the walls (and even the sinks) were built with hi macs – this super cool natural acrylic material that i’d never seen before. it caused the room to have no echo and put out a very relaxing vibe actually.

*i worked on my travel journal at night…i love the design of the paris metro map!

i thought the pattern created from those two tiny dancers added so much to the decor! there were actually no lamps in the rooms. watch how the walls just light up…(very moody)

this was the breakfast area that had such beautiful light – a great way to start the morning…

we had to hit up the photo booth at BONTON near our hotel (such an adorable children’s store!)

La Marais is definitely one of my favorite places to be when i’m in paris. there’s so many places to walk, shop and eat in that district, it’s crazy. the hotel gabriel was really close to the metro and a lot of great hot spots (you must go to merci AND take the late night boat ride!) you guys, our plane ticket was like 800 bucks from LA, you have to just GO!

well guys, that’s my second hotel review with hotels.com! if you are constantly traveling like we have been (or want to start) I really recommend their welcomerewards program. this hotel made the trip feel special, and I can’t wait to see what’s next! maybe australia or canada!?

(photos by jen gotch – hotel room sponsored by hotels.com/welcomerewards)


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    Queen Mother says:

    Totally Fabulous!

    Shauna says:

    Wow, beautiful! Gorgeous photos, as always. Maybe Vancouver should be your next stop? 😉

    adele says:

    The hotel looks fab! Paris is one of my fave cities, so I’ll have to look up the hotel next time I go!
    Happy Monday hun xoxo

    I love Le Marais, it’s a great part of a fab city! I was only in Paris in February and this post maskes me want book again asap!

    Kayla says:

    That room looks amazing!

    Sophie says:

    come to canada! i check your website daily and adore you! I would love if you came to visit!

    japolina says:

    Fabulous post. I’m going to be in Paris for one day in July. I haven’t been in years. Any suggestions? I’d love to boutique shop.

    Sarah says:

    Looks fantastic! An echoey, white room at first sounds like an asylum….but now I can see how it would be so relaxing! I must try it out if I ever go to Paris! Thanks for posting all about your wonderful adventures!

    I’ll be going to Paris in May! Springtime in Paris….yes, please!

    Thanks for the hotel recommendation. I’ve been devouring travel books but there are just too many choices. Sometimes I just wish someone would just say, “Go here.”

    The hotel Gabriel. done and done.

    Thanks again!

    Sounds like an amazing two days in Paris! Since it may be a long time before I get to travel to London & Paris…I am living vicariously through your posts! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    erin says:

    Love your pics, Bri! And your travel journal is adorbs. xo

    Katie Sneed says:

    I love this! It is so neat! We stayed at a place called ” The Hidden Hotel” a few years ago and it was spectacular also. If you ever get a chance to go back I strongly recommend it! It was an Eco hotel and had coco mat bedding and Linen sheets and all organic and local foods. It was truly to die for! I hope you love your trip as much as we did ours!

    bri says:

    katie- we almost stayed there! i will have to check that out next time for sure!

    Kendra says:

    Canada! Canada! Blogshop in Vancouver, pretty please 🙂

    Carrie says:

    Come to New Zealand! I am an avid follower of your blog so you definitely have a fan here, plus I’m pretty sure we’re way cooler than Aus!
    Thank you for making my days brighter with your posts 🙂

    Megan Wells says:

    Oh how I love Paris! I want to go back soooooooo bad!

    Lauren says:

    Wow! Good to know Australia is on your radar! Please come to Melbourne – pretty please!

    Caity says:

    Canada would love to have you! Particularly Calgary! It’s our Stampede centennial this year… it’s so much prairie fun!

    jen says:

    That hotel looks fab, your pics make me so excited for my trip. I leave for Paris in 16 days (running the marathon in April) and I rented an apartment for a month there. Love your travel journal, a great idea!

    alicia says:

    i just gotta say that i love the travel journal! i always collect so much stuff when i’m visiting a new place in hopes of making a little journal/photo album when i get back. somehow life gets busy and i don’t always get to it. next trip (only a few weeks away) i will bring a little book, lots of fun pens and awesome tape and do it throughout the trip. why have i never thought of doing it that way before?! thanks <3

    Pink Ronnie says:

    Yes please, come to AUSTRALIA!!!!
    Absolutely loved these photos, especially the wall of lights. Haven’t seen anything like that before.
    Ronnie xo

    Chelsea says:

    Canada!! Most specifically Vancouver!

    Lauren says:

    where do you find all the fun tapes and sparkly letters to put in your travel journal?
    SO CUTE by the way! love.

    bri says:

    hey lauren! these tapes we picked up in paris at a store called merci – when we are in LA we usually go to urbanic paper store for our journaling needs! or just any craft store for glitter, paper etc. happy journaling!

    Elizabeth says:

    Hi Bri,

    J’adore that hotel!! Looks like you two had an incredible time. I am planning our trip to Paris and it seems The Hotel Gabriel doesn’t allow children? Do you know if that is the case since I cannot book it through Hotels.com when I submit our 2 year old daughter. 🙁

    Can’t wait to check out Bonton & Merci!!


    Diana says:

    These pictures make me swoon! Love. Are we getting more than a peak into your travel journal? 🙂

    anne says:

    This place looks incredible. I often say I wish I lived in a spa, so this would be perfect for my husband and I to visit when we trek over to Europe! And I absolutely love your travel journal. What a great idea to bring those crafts and tools with you as a way to debrief your time there. Lovely, as always.

    Good information. Lucky me I discovered your site by accident (stumbleupon).
    I have book marked it for later!

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