hello everyone! i have had my family in town for the past few days which always means a lot of eating around town. my boyfriend is traveling for work in china for another week (i can’t believe we have been apart for three weeks!) but I actually have been handling it a lot better than I normally do. i remember when we used to be apart, I used to whine and cry about it. (isn’t the distance hard!?) but i finally seen that there is really no point to all that, and have just tried to keep myself busy and focus on how happy it will be when we get to reunite. that will be a good day.

hopefully lots of you have rsvp’d to this fun workshop we are hosting at anthropologie. we are nearly at capacity! and check out some of the outtakes i just added from the max wanger style shoots over here!

happy friday friends! – bri

(photo by bonnie tsang – with my friend emily henderson at my loft!)


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    at least you live together! imagine what’d it be like if he’s a three hour drive away! silly corny sayings like “distance makes the heart grow fonder” so ring true…

    Alexis says:

    This couldn’t have been posted at a better time! My boyfriend, who I live with as well, has been traveling a lot more now since his recent promotion! I was in such a funk earlier this week and I know now that it’s ok! No need to be a sad, lonely puppy dog! I’m keeping busy and maybe I’ll come to that event! Thanks!

    Jen says:

    Taking a break from the significant other as well this week. I used to cry about it too. Now, I find it refreshing. Makes reuniting that much sweeter 🙂

    Abby says:

    Long distance is so difficult. My boyfriend lives three hours away, so seeing him ends up being just for a weekend here and there every few months. But you’re so right, bumming about it just makes it worse! And when the guys away, that means for time for the girls to what girls to best!

    Hanna says:

    I’m also taking a break from my boyfriend for the next 10 days…it’s so incredibly hard, and this post was so well-timed. It’s nice to know i’m not alone in feeling this way. Much love to you!

    Ida says:

    and what I have to say… after 7 years of living together I get the job in another city… worst another country! and it’s two weeks now that I’m here alone in Berlin and my boyfriend is in Milan! I’m so sad and crying everyaday! this job was a big challenge and opportunity for me that’s why I’ve deiced to do that, but I’m not so sure now that I will handle it for a long time, it’s so hard. Hugs and don’t be so sad 🙂

    Pink Ronnie says:

    Being apart is hard. I don’t even like it when Rick is away for one night! Hope you get through the next week with plenty of distractions!
    Ronnie xo

    Phoebe says:

    Girllll, 3 weeks is nothing! My boyfriend and I have been living 10 hours apart for the past 2+ years (we’ve been together for a little over 4). We see each other every 5-9 weeks. But then I think about the military wives/girlfriends who go a year without seeing their guys and think my situation is bad, but theirs is even tougher.

    Where in China is your bf travelling? I am in Shenzhen 🙂

    Hold tight! Its nice you have family to keep you company though! I’m a New York native and my boyfriend is British. We get to spend 6 month intervals together and then have to spend 6 months apart because of visa regulations. Not fun!

    Love this picture with Emily Henderson!

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