well well, what do we have here? a profesh blogshop teacher portrait? it looks that way!

we picked out these glorious string lights from paris to decorate the space (you can find them here) i love that you can choose your own variety of colors and personalize them…

curtain road studios in london was THE perfect space. and such a good energy in this class too (i still can’t get over how NICE people are in london!) the all white sure added to the good energy.

the goodie bags were pretty fun this time around! here’s where you can find these awesome companies:

1. we actually just made these magnets. picked up some little ceramic trinkets and glued a magnet to the backs. simple!
2. lisa congdon designed these adorable mid-century chair tattoos for tattly!
3. i wear these ban.do pom flowers just about everyday. different colors for every mood.
4. it was time to switch up the design for our pinhole press notebooks! each class gets a special cover.

the rebel rebel flowers in vintage bottles made the space just perfect!

6. how bout those cute tiny crescent triangle earrings?
(can you tell we love taping stuff to the wall?)

7. we are big fans of these neon ampersands printed on heavy cardstock.
8. you can’t really go wrong with a big pink heart on a white card!
9. those yellow happy note cards with gold foil. i can’t get over how perfect those are! (she has other colors too)

these pictures bring back such good memories for me!

i can’t thank mailchimp enough for sending my bestie to london to photograph behind the scenes! and now we have TONS of photos to use for our eblasts. every company should use mailchimp for custom email newsletters. they are so helpful for us, seriously! (speakin of that – have you signed up for our mailing list to hear about the city announcements before anyone else?)

and one of our students made this adorable behind the scenes video! it really shows how cool the space was, so i thought i would share it with you guys! we are announcing cities within the next few days, stay tuned!

{photos by jen gotch –  see lots more on faceboook!}


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    I am so glad you think people in London are nice as I live there so it make me smile.

    Danie says:

    How adorable! Love it all, and great teacher portrait. 🙂

    Sarah says:

    Looks like such a wonderful time! Love the lights and temp tats! Very cool and invigorating space! Great for creating!

    OMGeez that light is gorgeous. I could probably be 100 times more productive at that desk. LOL!

    Katie says:

    Love it. Blogshop London was a blast. Great video by Xanthe and I love the teacher portrait. I loved every minute of blogshop. x

    Morgan says:

    these photos are all so amazing! thanks for including us in the totally rad goodie bags. man, we are in good company 🙂

    Lindsay R says:

    ah so so so cool. love it all and still hoping for my chance someday.

    Pink Ronnie says:

    Oh, I loved this post so much! The photos, the colours and the light are just gorgeous. Well done Jen! Bri and Ange, you are both such an inspiration!

    Ronnie xo

    Wow I want to be there…! P.S. The video was fantastic!

    Silverbleed says:

    Your post are so extremely inspiring! The photographs are just…. love!

    Kathy says:

    The string lights are fantastic. Just ordered. They remind me of beads I use in my work:


    Have a great weekend!

    sally says:

    Seriously, too freaking cute. What a space! I really need to get myself into one of your classes! XX, Sally

    axelle tourmetz says:

    Beautiful !!!! I Really Love your blog !!!!

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