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hello from paris!

my friend emma (and a bunch of twitter recs) have been telling us to go to Le Refuge des Fondues while we are visiting paris. you eat tons of cheese and drink wine from baby bottles (crazy, right?). the place is really small so they have you climb over the tables (like step ON the tables) to get to your seat. but they hold your hand and act like it’s no big thang. we had an absolute blast.

here are some little memories from the night…

our two day paris trip is shaping up to be beyond special. there is sunshine, carbs and laughter. back to london in the morning! -bri

{ photos by jen gotch, who was sent over the sea with me by mailchimp! }


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    Anni says:

    Paris looks like a blast! Je suis jelly! Enjoy London.

    amy says:

    ah, that looks so fun! glad you are having a fun vacation – you sure do deserve it! 🙂

    Tish Tosh says:

    waaaa….baby bottles, eh? I think I’d need to meet the owner of that place. That’s some straight up Alice and Wonderland cooky goodness right there!

    Sophie says:

    takes me back to one of my favorite nights while abroad in Paris. Have fun!

    trina says:

    That sounds crazy interesting + fun.
    xo . trina

    Sara says:

    Paris is on my bucket list of places to visit and now along with restaurant… I particularly enjoy the yellow and pink ensemble!

    Lottie says:

    Looks like such a cool place–drinking out of baby bottles amazeballs!

    karen d says:

    Can’t go wrong with a little cheese n wine combo

    Looks like a blast!


    joy says:

    so fun! miss you two!

    sharon says:

    love the sound of this…sounds like the kind of place you would only find in paris – stepping over the tables to reach yours sounds mad, but kinda fun

    susan says:

    j-e-a-l-o-u-s … have a blast Bri 😉
    yes, you sure do deserve it

    Sarah says:

    Fun, fun, fun! It looks delicious and quirky! My kind of restaurant! I will definitely try it if I ever go to Paris.

    Katie says:

    That place sounds delightful! Cheese fondu is probably my favorite thing to eat in the whole wide world. Not counting chocolate of course.

    eva burns says:

    Standing on the tables before you’re even drinking?!?! Love it!

    bougiehippie says:

    This was uber adorable!

    Becky says:

    Is that a lip ring? And by lip ring, I mean a ring with lips on it??!

    CherryPop says:

    YAY! YOU WENT!!!!
    I can’t wait to hear about how much you loved it.

    this place was definitely a haunt during my studies in paris – we took all of our visitors, not that we didn’t enjoy it ourselves. a bit of a rite of passage. in fact, there might still be a letter tacked up somewhere that i wrote after an evening of decidedly less than diplomatic behavior on my part. when i went back once, they then read my mea culpa aloud to the entire restaurant.

    This is so interesting. Paris is a very beautiful place, it is a lovely, peaceful and wonderful place. Here you can find, love and creations.

    mvg says:

    If you’re still in Paris go to the restaurant “derriere”, you’ll love it!

    Jamie says:

    this looks like such fun!

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    amazing recognize!??

    Yirda says:

    How exciting! I’ve drmeaed of going to Paris (or anywhere in France) since I studied French in high school. Have a wonderful time! I’m looking forward to seeing the photos you take 🙂

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