you guys weren’t lyin about seattle having a starbucks on every corner, were ya? and i thought it was funny that i always hear friends complain about the gloom there, and when we went the sun was shining bright the whole time! the seattle blogshop was great (our biggest class yet!). we taught at this really cool artist space called fred wildlife refuge. (check out this huge open room!)

scout rentals made our space all good looking with her awesome furniture & decor (like these pillows i loved!) and look at that beautiful teal + gold laura burkhart abstract painting that we raffled off. i would definitely put that in my loft.

we included a lot of wonderful artists that i’m excited to share with you all. it’s still really fun for me to hand pick the items that students get in each city.

our seattle sponsors!
1. AuRetour – a print studio in brooklyn makes these cool geometric totes!
2. Julia Kostreva – silver foil dotted gift tags & those journals that i quickly became obsessed with!

3. Field Guide Design – those colorful DIY paper ornaments! i hung mine in my office at home!
4. Balue/Co – i was really drawn to this jewelry when i spotted it on etsy! i like the simple silk cord!

5. Our Paper Shop – my dear friend emma just started a card line. it’s hard to pick a favorite!
6. ravenna girls – neon rope bracelets!
7. Lime Greenorganic soap trio

wonderful food by:
homegrown catering, cupcakes with adorable heart toppings by trophy cupcakes, pesto jars by rialto pasta bar, AND these cool cookies thanks to be coolinary!

to see a cool behind the scenes video that Stephan Gray put together, head right on over here!

it was great meeting new friends and exploring a new city for me. thank you all for your creative energy! and as always, thanks to our friends at Adobe Photoshop for your generous gifts!

onward bloggers! (oh, and we have ONE more class that just opened up!)


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    Sarah says:

    Looks great! The painting is so gorgeous! The colors are so vibrant and inspiring.

    Looks like a blast! That turquoise wall is gorge!!

    Danielle B says:

    This is awesome. I met Jen from Scout at Summer School in Portland last summer AND I grew up with Laura — so happy to see that they were both a part of your Seattle BlogShop!!!

    paola says:

    It was a blast and I learned so much! And the goodie bag was fabulous. Highly recommended…

    Amanda Blair says:

    Yay Laura! She is such a talent and such an incredible woman…I wish I could afford one of these classes. They look so fun and inspirational.

    jenn says:

    bri thanks so much for spreading the love in seattle! i had SUCH a blast being a part of your killer class! thanks for letting me play a part! xoxo!

    brianne says:

    Looks like you guys had an amazing time! We loved being one of your artsy sponsors, thank you for having us! Also, those DIY geometric ornaments are awesome!!

    bri says:

    thanks brianne! YOU are awesome!

    Katie says:

    I can’t wait for your London class!

    Lauren says:

    Looks like a fabulous time! Thanks for including Balue/Co. in your Seattle goodie bag, I’m honored! 🙂

    <3 Lauren, Balue/Co.

    Sigh. Wish you’d come Down Under! You’d have a serious stalker on your hands (in a good way) if you did!! 🙂

    Tanika Blair says:

    i love that piece of art on that huge piece of paper in the first photo!

    Zedpea says:

    I love the pile of books with the clocks as a close up of the tableau with the turquoise wall!

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