This week I discovered the work of Cecilia Lundgren. I was inspired by the vivid orange shade she used for her interpretation of Vogue famous stylist Grace Codington’s red hair. -Stephanie

illustration / striped bag / shades / coat tree / shoes / ring / nail polish / beach towel / chair

see last week’s COLORFEST post right here!


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    adele says:

    Love this colour, I just got the new Chanel nail varnish in a pale tangerine, can’t stop wearing it!

    sara says:

    Hell yes to that chair and jacket tree!

    That coat tree is sick! I love the Essie nail polish too! Such a great color. This is quickly becoming my favorite column!

    Sarah says:

    These are fabulous! I am in love with tangerine. Yes to the sunglasses, yes to the nail polish! Yes to everything. Loving this new column.

    Abby says:

    If it were socially acceptable I would dress, decorate, and surround myself with tangerine….alas, that may not be such a good idea. But I LOVE all of these items! The shades especially.

    check out that nifty ring! love it!

    Gorgeous! I do have a soft spot for all things bright and orangey!

    Shelley says:

    Yummy nail polish!

    Ange says:

    Good job red hair 😉
    Dire qu’il fut un temps où je détestais le orange … c’est révolu ! Ce post est plein d’énergie, de joie de vivre, de vitamines ! I like it, especially the beach towel !!

    Rubina says:

    Love this color! I was so excited when Pantone said it was the color of the year because I painted my dresser a shade that is very similar!

    Morgan says:

    I love this color (especially in bold patterns), but I always feel that I look like a tangerine every time I try to wear it! I know you’re such a colorful dresser in such glamorous ways, but I was wondering if you’ve always been like that? I’ll bet that you have some adorable pictures from childhood wearing moms shoes/scarves and lipsticks!

    Laura says:

    wonderful color – I have that polish and love it!!

    Tanika Blair says:

    i saw that towel in the new australian inside out =) love it!! i love castle and things such a cool company

    val says:

    J’adore le tangerine! C’est joli avec n’importe quoi 🙂

    Gaby says:

    an ode to orange! my new favorite color! it has so much energy.

    SHiliconfETTI° says:

    I love this Retro Flavor! Thanks for sharing all your discoveries! Vraiment inspirant Stephy!

    how spot on are these colorfests? Love it!
    I’m adoring those sunnies and ring!

    larissa says:

    now I need something in orange.. that ring is cute

    This type of post is so inspiring (as well as being ultra cute!) My favorite color is orange, and that chair is calling to me ~

    stephanie says:

    DLF readers are so sweat! And it is so fun to find all these funky items on the web, I am glad you are enjoying!

    Marie says:

    I love that artwork and towel! Tangerine is such a great color! 🙂


    Julie says:

    This is such an energizing rush of color – I love the
    whole display – that chair is for me.

    Anita says:

    Wow!!orange has always been my Colour
    Now more than Ever
    J’attends le printemps

    Ely says:

    C’est drôle, que ton inspiration te viens de “cheveux de feu”!!! J’adore la chaise, elle ferait tellement bien sur mon patio! Et by the way, l’illustration de Grace Codington avec ses cheveux orange me fait aussi vraiment penser à Vivienne Westwood… Bravo Stephy!!

    Gabigab says:

    Place aux rousses. Vive le feu! J’aime!

    Mona says:

    J’aime bien les souliers et la chaise…Stéphanie WOW

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