austin was so good. so good i cried at the end of class. i was so overwhelmed with how creative and driven these gals were. they asked questions about how to BE inspired. the philosophy of blogging and doing what you love. i will forever remember this class.

we taught in this really rad space called palm door. a big open canvas. the perfect size, all white beams, and it even came with delicious food from next door, pink avocado! i will most definitely be callin these people back if we make it to austin again. and if you have an event or wedding, mariah is amazing to work with.

i get a little giddy to say that chronicle books is sponsoring blogshop now. and first up was Oh Joy (a very close friend of mine!) + Meg Mateo’s book Creative Inc. I can seriously recommend that book to anyone who is even slightly considering going freelance. it helped me make the jump!

i can never ever get over how powerful geronimo balloons are. they are serious show STOPPERS. my wedding will be filled with them, that’s a fact. (and how cute is this valentine balloon idea. hint hint mr. boyfriend!)

those neon + gold ampersand posters?! all i can say is thank goodness i got to keep one of those for my office, because they are adorable. and those beautifully packaged vegan soaps with colorful washi tape were in the bags too. (this picture of them totally got me)

i just got a new instax mini 7S camera and i have been having way too much fun taking mini pics in all our cities. memories in mini form.
those striped cards make me happy. really happy.
and pugly pixel was generous enough to give all the students 50 bucks towards her awesome marketplace of blog textures, layouts and goodies. they loved that.

milk shots, homemade strawberry poptarts and an array of sweets were put together by andrea from bake sale. if you live in austin and have an event, this is your gal. so professional and you can tell she really loves what she does!

and these folks at son of a sailor were so cute, they put so much effort into their presentation of these chevon bracelets. this bracelet is perfect to pair with color! i really appreciated their love of packaging.

and of course those etsy props made things more fun. (similar here!)

big shout out to two incredible interns meg & ana. they were proactive and full of joy.

alright you guys, if you want in on blogshop, there are quite a few left in san francisco! yep, we just added that city! sign up here for either: http://blogshopla.bigcartel.com


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    I had a feeling you’d LOVE Austin! I’ve never been but it seems right up your alley. Sad I couldn’t join this time but perhaps you’ll miss it so much that you’ll come back again! (fingers crossed)

    Great recap Bri! Everything you wrote was so sweet! And I love how the animated GIF turned out.

    It was an awesome weekend. Thank you for bringing your special sparkle to Austin. Best class ever!

    Katie says:

    Hi Bri! Soo, I want to sign up for your blogshop in SF but do you know which weekend it is going to be yet? I live in LA, but would love an excuse to visit friends up there and learn some rockin blog skills at the same time!

    bri says:

    hi katie! it’s april 7-8th – hope to meet you there!

    gia says:

    Apple should be your sponsor and pay you big bucks!! Or are you getting rich on blogshops? Super cool. πŸ™‚

    rabbia says:

    wow this look soo awesome!! little πŸ™ that will miss the london class, but i hope you enjoy it so much you’ll be back soon. how cute are the milk shots.x

    Ashley says:

    I have never been to Austin but have heard what a great, fun city it is! I am from Vancouver, and never been to Texas (except for a layover), but I have loved every one of them and their adorable southern accents! Looks like you had a blast!

    sarah says:

    Love Palm Door and your site, how excited to see Palm Door on your page! Hope y’all had fun!

    Jenny says:

    Come to Vancouver!!

    Albertina says:

    I learned so much!!! Thank you! So fun too. I love the photo montage of all of us. You are so clever! πŸ™‚

    vanchocstraw says:

    I was SO fun! Just thinking about the class makes me happy happy happy. Been practicin’ every day (command D gets rid of marching ants!). Please come back soon, I have many sad friends who didn’t take my advice to “sign up! right now!”

    Sara says:

    Looks like so much fun! Wish I had the funds to attend in London!

    Sunny Blonde Studio

    Andrea says:

    This was such an inspirational weekend! I had a total blast as a student and a sponsor. You guys are amazing – thanks so much for all that you do!

    Shauna says:

    This looks like SUCH a blast! And love the woolly pockets πŸ™‚ Hope to be able to attend one day!

    Kathleen says:

    Hey Bri, Where did you get your paper confetti in the photos? I absolutely love it!

    Magda says:

    Wish you could come one day to Poland. I’m here every day from September and I still can’t get enough! Good luck with this amazing project! ;]

    eden bell says:

    sound like you all had an amazing time! it would be really interesting to see all the blogs of the people that attend blog shop before and after and how they apply their new found skills! Would you consider doing that?


    milk and cookie bar? sweet idea πŸ™‚

    Morgan says:

    Hope your Austin blog shoppers loved their ampersand prints! πŸ™‚

    Michael says:

    I wish I could have been there-although you are all gals-I wouldn’t mind, and my sisters at connecting4 would have loved it too. Just a question: what kind of photoshop did you guys do? Was it more of graphics? Or Photo editing? Did you touch on Illustrator? Thanks πŸ˜‰

    Karline says:

    Come to Copenhagen please! πŸ™‚ This looks fantastic.

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