here are some cool style details found over on Jak & Jill. and it made me realize just how important details are. but you knew that. i just can’t stress enough how going that extra 10% will benefit you in the end. and this applies to everything you do!

for instance, when i am designing a logo for a company, I will mock it up for them on the storefront or on a business card so they can envision it. they didn’t ask me to do that, but hey, it takes 10 minutes and all of a sudden you have over delivered and helped them see their product come to life. those little details when you run your business is what is going to make you stand out above the rest.


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    Claudia says:

    So true, Bri! It’s an excellent point. Going the extra mile says a lot about a designer and their work ethic. It’s a detail that clients truly appreciate.

    I love that you posted this!

    You put my motto for all the work I do into words…
    Whether I apply it in
    Internet Marketing
    Business Coaching
    Virtual Assistant work
    being a mom
    dressing up every day (to work from home)
    creating date nights for my husband and I
    or helping someone with their business just because.

    Going above and beyond is so rewarding, not only for a client but FOR YOURSELF!!!!

    I turn all BORING business calls into something exciting! I put on dressy clothes, do my hair and makeup (lots of mascara and lipstick) and high heels! Who is even going to see me? NO ONE! But I think spoiling yourself and others and not expecting anything in return really pays off!! Thanks Bri!! xoxox

    great post, bri! totally agree.

    Charity says:

    Thanks for the tip/reminder. It’s fun to hear the “secrets” of really successful people.

    Tish says:

    I love these kinds of posts…You give little pieces of who you are without spilling every last bean.

    10 minutes, eh?

    adele says:

    It’s all about the details Bri xoxo

    ooooo I like these little tidbits of advice – keep ’em coming 🙂

    Great post. Details matter in everything! Going that little bit further always pays off.

    That’s a great tip! I try to do the same for my clients and it definitely gives you a little bit of edge. An upper hand over your competitors if you will!

    i absolutely agree! that’s actually the premise behind my blog, “the little things” – that you don’t have to re vamp your entire wardrobe every season, or re decorate your whole apartment to implement change or get a fresh look. just start changing the little things first – the details – and you can turn the old into something fresh + new without breaking the bank (or going insane!)

    xx shari

    Kelly says:

    Inspiring! Thanks Bri!

    loren says:

    Truth! You can definitely tell you pay attention to the details in your blog, which is why I keep coming back 🙂

    Shelley says:

    Great post, Bri! Details are where its at. Whether fashion or business – they can make things happen!

    Chris says:

    I had 3 of these on my desktop for inspiration. Love the additional ones you chose… BIG fan of your site!

    Lindsay R says:

    Oh I can’t agree with this more… In every aspect! Outfits especially . 🙂 thanks for the reminder.

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