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i’m sure some of you can relate to being in a relationship and getting stuck in routines. not that there is anything wrong with a routine. in fact, i need routines in my life to keep me sane. but after a few years with someone, you gotta keep the fun alive. you know, instead of putting furniture together and eating rice & veggies every night. lately i have been thinking of new fun date ideas I could do with my guy.

maybe a bowling / beer night?
or heading to the downtown art walk
drive in movies with takeout food
spending the day at huntington botanical garden
drive around another part of town and explore new food spots
shop for & cook a 5 course meal together
bring some wine to the griffith observatory
a day at the moca
we do have a hot tub on the roof. i should use that.
breakfast for dinner diner date at midnight. eggs at midnight is always fun.

what fun date ideas have you guys gotten yourselves into?


Add your own

    make art together! collaborations are fun.

    I love this list idea and it has inspired me to create my own list! Thanks!

    adele says:

    I love doing different things to spice up life xoxo

    I agree with Emily! We have art nights at home once in a while. No TV. No Internet. No Phones. Just some cool tunes, a glass of whatever we’re drinking and a bevy of art supplies. But I still do enjoy the traditional date. My husband and I will get dressed up and head out to a fancy dinner. Sometimes we like to do something we call a “restaurant crawl” where we choose 3 places within walking distance from each other (or a short drive) and have appetizers and cocktails at one place, our entree at another, and top it off with dessert at yet another restaurant. It’s sounds like a lot of work but it really spices up our dates to change the scenery a few times in one evening. It makes it feel like you’ve done so much in just about the same amount of time that it would have taken to do all three at one restaurant. And there’s something sexy about going to a nice restaurant for just drinks or dessert and champagne.

    Carolyn says:

    My boyfriend and I went to the drive-in this summer; it was my first time and it was so fun! BYO snacks is a must. Another great date is going to a national park for a hike and/or picnic (or stargazing if you go at night). Paint-your-own pottery studios are a lot of fun for something creative (also great for girls’ nights).

    Sometimes it’s fun to play tourist in your own city. My husband and I will choose a place that we’d usually avoid like Fisherman’s Wharf or The Marina and just wander around and see the City through whole new eyes. We eat at restaurants we know may be cheesy or get hot dogs off of carts. It’s such a change of pace & feels completely romantic.

    JenLynn says:

    My boyfriend and I enjoy the zoo, museums, ice skating, and hiking (plus picnic) to keep things interesting.

    Cassandra says:

    A summer of unemployment was one of the best I’ve ever had. Not having extra funds, we were forced to find free or inexpensive fun things to do. My favorite day was a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens (free on Saturday mornings), then gallery hopping in DUMBO, and a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Amanda says:

    This is something that we have to work on, too! The problem is the time squeezing it in, which is so bad to say “squeezing it in” but it’s the truth! I started thinking about different things to do, and mentioned them to my guy and he was totally for them (not like him). He must miss date night, too! The worst part is, I don’t even think we have really done anything to celebrate Christmas! So, the first date night we are taking is a trip to downtown to walk through the Christmas lights, go to dinner, and do a little window shopping! Can’t wait.

    Liz says:

    This totally hit home for me; my guy & I have been together for over 3 years PLUS we live together which makes it double hard to designate “special” time together. Bowling is such a good idea as is drive-ins with takeout! Ooh & I’m super jealous that you have a hot tub on the roof! I would use that every night haha.

    gia says:

    Art night sounds so fun, from comment above. I like going on walks too.

    Eva says:

    Los Angeles’ best kept picnic secret is the top of Hahn State Park. It’s above Culver City in the hills. Drive through the park following the road all the way to the top. Park and walk Northwest to Janice’s Green Lawn (or Field?). It used to be a reservoir and so it’s a GIANT green overlooking the entire city. Take a blanket, some wine and cheese and enjoy the view. Best part? No one is ever up there! Also, there is plenty of hiking and a Japanese garden in the park, too.

    Sommer says:

    great e-dialogue! for us it’s been 3 1/2 yrs dating + 3 1/2 yrs married. so we could REALLY use some new ideas to fight “the 7 yr itch”. yikes! @ Love & Cupcakes… I’m into your ideas (art nite and restaurant crawl). Something that is cheap and creative is a photo scavenger hunt in your own city. Each person makes of list of 10 or so things (i.e. a couple kissing, someone wearing orange shoes, something that starts with a z, a cat sitting in window sill…etc.) Combine the lists and go photo hunting together! This will take you down random streets and have you look at your everyday landscape with new eyes. *Ben and i like to do this while traveling, but doing it in your own city can be just as fun. speaking of… I think I should take me own advice here 😉 ha!

    Taylor Rae says:

    Bri- I adore your honesty and these somewhat intimate posts. I just moved in with my boy friend about 4 months ago and I seriously look forward to coming home to him each and everyday. He is the type of person that needs a lot of space (only child syndrome), yet so do I. To keep the spark alive we go on a lot of “adventures”. This includes going to one of San Francisco’s many neighborhoods, usually one we haven’t been to before, and walk around, tasting food and wine. Love is such a wonderful thing.

    kate says:

    staycations! we have done a couple of these. It’s nice to just get out of the house and spend the night in a hotel in town. it’s a great break of the pattern and feels like you are really getting away. ps- we use hotel tonight. it is an awesome app, great deals on last minute boutique hotels!

    Ry Pepper says:

    We have “art time” a lot. It sounds cheesy to most but is actually swell and although we almost always start out working on our own things, it often ends up in a messy collaboration.

    We also both have a penchant for spontaneity. We’ll take long walks around the city and either just keep walking or end up in a bar with a beverage discussing life, politics and/or football. Or we get inspired and head to the high line or some random event (hooray for smart phones).

    We ALWAYS make time to go see things like the holiday windows around Manhattan. Stuff that doesn’t happen all the time. That keeps things lively, inspiring and special too.

    I adore you and your website and your loft and yum yum yum.

    Kat says:

    after being new parents this july, we dont have as much time to go on dates – anymore. hahaha sooo… one time i thought we could change things up a bit by setting dinner outside at our small balcony (teeny space so we sat crossed legged on the floor but what a view). so yeah. small things like that 😉

    Anni says:

    I love this list! We’ve been together for a little over seven years, so I feel you. Sometimes you start doing the same old thing, and changing it up is exciting. Our favorite things to do together:

    traveling, especially fun staying in AirBNB apartments. Makes it feel like we live in a different city!

    signing up for “experience” Groupons – cooking classes, art museum cocktail nights, etc.

    going for walks with the dog. Such a simple one, but so lovely.

    My boyfriend and I took a stroll down the Santa Monica pier after our Thanksgiving dinner and while we were standing at the edge…we saw 2 dolphins jump out of the water right in front of us! And as we were walking back to his car we stopped to swing on the swing set they have next to the bike path. You can never go wrong with swinging by the ocean 🙂 Best impromptu date I’ve had in forever!

    ashley says:

    LOVE these ideas! The restaurant crawl sounds kinda great for a dressing up and going out date! We go to this cafe/bookstore, have a glass of wine and italian pizza and then roam the bookstore shelves together. There are always great conversations and laughter around the interesting books we find.

    Brandy says:

    on. point. as always.

    xanthe says:

    Oh my you have a hot tub! that would be wonderful…. we do evening picnics, cooking together, cards night…and “shut down technology early” night and dates in the day, where we play tourists in our own city, that’s fun… sounds like you’ve got lots to keep it alive. xxxx

    We love going out camping in the summer and fall, which can be so much fun. We have a canoe so camping trips sometimes involve canoeing around different lakes and rivers (and spotting loons!) before finding the perfect camping spot for the night. Camping dinners always taste so good (I recently found that making soup ahead of time and taking it in a jar to heat up for dinner makes everything SO fast!). it’s so different to be out in the woods where it gets dark by 8 and there aren’t any computers or phones to distract you.
    Even just car camping is pretty fun, and a nice way to see different cool places within a day’s drive from where you live. We’ve explored a lot of Newfoundland that way!

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