you have no idea how inspiring our feet first + blogshop workshop in atlanta was. to see my friends max wanger + our labor of love show their photography tricks to all these people was pretty magical. it made me sit back and say “wow, my friends are pretty badass.” and then blogshop was able to teach them photoshop on the third day…i love when i hear “ohhhhhh!” that little moment when everything clicks for them. it gets me every time.

clearly we had fun… look at all of us cheeeeesin:

hearing max’s philosophy on photography is enough to make you get goosebumps. now there is a guy that truly loves what he does. and hearing about it is just plain wonderful…

and jesse + whit. the power couple behind the wedding photography company our labor of love. and the leaders in that amazing little thing called smilebooth! you know, that photobooth that i have shown you 141 times?

the elephant print that i still deeply love…

our lovely sponsors! these people all helped us make the workshop very special:

tattly temporary tattoos / sqirl jam / renaissance albums / julia’s poppies design tea towels / jesh de rox actions / alien skin program / fotofafa / pinhole press journals

can you believe that space? i mean it really took my breath away. i am so jealous that ginny, amy and erica work there! and let’s talk for five seconds about how breathtaking amy’s floral arrangments are? she really is the best around.

the most beautiful food spread by sun in my belly. those tiny grilled cheese sandwiches. come ON. those are the cutest.

there’s my pals… (WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!)

so that’s that, folks! we are doing this allllll again in vegas in february. this is the official announcement. right here, right now! email [email protected] to get a spot in the next workshop. we promise, you will learn lots and have a grand ole time.

[photos by our labor of love]


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    Bekka says:

    I have been meaning to ask you if you received the Tattlys! It looks super rad on Angela’s neck!

    adele says:

    Your blogshops look like so much fun xoxo

    Looks like it went off without a hitch!! Thank you for sharing our Mushroom Tea Towels! Now I have to go eat lunch… That food is making me hungry!!!

    AHHH!! Love seeing pics from this one and Amy’s space is so redonkulous… it looks so amazing and your “shop’s” are looking better and better by the minute!! Big congrats!

    Lisa Dolan says:

    So Lovely! I attended Feet First in LA last spring, and Blogshop in Chicago this summer (before they joined forces and became the power couple they are today) and can say from experience they are two LIFE CHANGING workshops. I walked away feeling so incredibly inspired. Bri and her friends have completely changed not only my business, but my life as well. It can be so hard going into business for yourself – especially when you are putting yourself and your creative vision out there – but I walked alway from both workshops feeling so confident in my creativity and ability. I would definitely recommend this class to any and everyone 🙂

    bri says:

    lisa that is AMAZING!!!! that is everything we could have hoped for!

    wow. I so would love to be at one of these classes. sounds amazing. The photos and videos could not be more richly created.

    you get to do the most amazing things! this must have been incredible.

    Kat says:

    thats soo cool.. wish i could take part in such excursions 🙂

    you are just so inspiring bri, and i always just love your photography 😉
    xx ~ k

    Shoko says:

    Looks like so much fun!

    colby says:

    Are you going to be raffling off any spots for this Bri?! I live in Vegas and would give almost anything to take this and get my business off the ground with a bang!!

    joannegarcia says:

    i want to go to there 🙂

    Yelena says:

    I have that elephant print pouch as well! I absolutely love it, coolest pencil case/small essentials carry case I’ve ever had.

    Rebecca says:

    Wow your blogshops always look so much fun, I shall look into the London dates straight away!

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