my favorite part of the new holiday issue of rue magazine? the gift guides! so many treats in there! oh, and I finally get to show you guys my loft. have a look right here!

ain’t she prettttty?

cover photo by lara rossignol

and here is my bedroom! west elm and dwell studio representin! and there is some behind the scenes shots bonnie captured over here too!

the color coordinated closet is keeping me sane these days. exposed closets are a tricky thing! do you guys have one? they tend to always look messy unless you go by color, right?

photo by bonnie tsang

and a super fun behind the scenes video by son of shark pig! my favorite is the little slow dance with my guy…ohhhh, holidays.


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    I just spent a good hour and a half of my work day enthralled with this issue! A much welcomed distraction. Your loft looks great. Enjoy it!

    Jessie says:

    Your loft looks fantastic! The pops of colour and eclectic details are so fun. The style is right up my alley. Thanks to you and Rue for giving us a peek inside your lovely home. 🙂

    suzanne says:

    that green dress is amazing! you ladies are truly talented – another great issue!

    adele says:

    Such a fab little video! I love the music too. Thanks for letting us have a little peek!!

    What an enthralling issue – you ladies are good! I love the gift guide. Everything was great.
    Your loft looks amazing…loved the sneak peak on your blog but great to see it all int he mag. Thanks!

    Rachael B says:

    My cheeks hurt a bit. Couldn’t stop smiling. Absolutely lovely. I’m incredibly jealous of your loft. We’re house hunting next year and I cannot wait to find something that will offer all the artistic potential I need. Happy Holidays Bri!

    such a fun vid! now off to check out your loft in rue:D

    Alison says:

    I love the video! Your life looks so fun. 🙂

    Maria says:

    You are the cutest! Your loft is phenomenal!!

    Tish says:

    What a great video! I swear you guys have the snazziest lives. I want to be a Rue peep in my next life.

    Christine says:

    Bri, you have a beautiful home!


    Megan says:

    Amazing job Bri! The issue rocks! Your loft rocks! Pretty much it’s the definition of awesomeness! Happy holidays for sure 🙂

    Anni says:

    Rue just keeps getting better – loved the anniversary issue, and I think this one may have topped it with the gift guides and your lovely loft!

    Also, Shark Pig is just amazing. If I could have wedding cinematography, they’d be my first choice!

    karen mcrae says:

    The issue is beautiful. Love you awesome loft!

    Your loft is amazing! Love all the little details and well thought out design. Bravo.

    simplygrove says:

    A few things that I love… a. you’re color coordinated closet b. you’re loft is dynamite c. you’re tree is lovely d. you!

    bri says:

    hehe thanks K! that color coordinated closet was a REAL PROJECT! but so worth it!

    looks AMAZING!! your loft is seriously gorgeous. love everything about it!

    Kendall says:

    LOVE this.
    my closet is currently colour coordinated … but whats the point when it’s behind two double doors?

    this has inspired me to take my doors off!!!!!

    Ismay says:

    your loft is like my dream home

    Jeanne says:

    Your loft is simply amazing! So many fun things to look at and so colorful, definitely a lady’s dream home! And you’re too cute for words in that video 🙂

    I’m in love with that green dress! Its super pretty. Plus your loft is amazing!
    Following now 🙂


    This is my favorite issue of Rue yet. Your loft looks so warm and inviting, what a great space! PS, the green dress is GORG

    Yari says:

    ok so I watched the video then had to play it again to listen to it as I browsed the new issue of rue! LOVING every detail and the song in the video it’s so much fun it makes me happy!!

    Caitlin says:

    Love the editorial!! So beautifully *art directed*!

    melissa lynn says:

    you’re just kinda magical is what it comes down to. bravo!

    Lauren says:

    I love it! Going to look at the new issue of rue now!

    Ashley says:

    SO phenomenal. hands down my favorite part was your home, Bri! it was everything that i imagined your space would be and MORE. you’ve officially inspired me to finish my own.

    now, get some rest! you deserve it, yo!

    katrina says:

    AMAZING exposed services, what a great loft you have! Congrats on another amazing issue, great cover and loving the “jingle belle” shoot x katrina

    Brandy says:

    you must hear this constantly and then some more… how inspiring you are. it gives me chills, and in a weird way makes me beam with pride, and we’ve never even met. you make it look so easy, and have been unknowingly guiding me back to a work ethic to be proud of. i’m getting there, hopefully one day i’ll have the unbelievable privilege of meeting and who knows, working with you. just sending love and thanks, so many thanks. YOU ARE A DESIGN ROCK STAR.

    bri says:

    brandy. and everyone. it’s hard to express gratitude over the internet. sometimes a simple thank you just isn’t enough. but i wish you all knew how much your support, comments and unbelievably kind words mean to me. and keep me going everyday. it’s been wild trying to balance everything this year, but i really just have such a passion for all things design that always shines through in the end. to hear that i am inspiring you guys, or even lifting your spirits for 5 minutes is absolutely my goal. thank you guys for everything. really.

    I LOVE all of this! Your loft looks adorable and the shark pig video is too cute! I agree with Brandy — you are a constant source of inspiration!

    que says:

    i must say, after finding your site there isn’t a day that passes that i don’t visit it and find something to smile about. you are a definite beam of light and have prompted me to get my own [creative] act together! love the loft, love the new issue of rue. shine on, lady!

    Leah says:

    Oh my gawd so jealous! Beautiful loft, beautiful colors, beautiful clothes! Nice work. You’ve totally inspired me to color coordinate my exposed closet that I am battling with right now as well. Thanks for the peek! Love seeing in people’s homes.

    Tanika Blair says:

    i was soo excited yesterday with the sneak peeks, and the whole photo shoot didn’t disappoint =) your loft is exactly what i want =) and all your pieces you’ve picked are beautiful … congratulations on finishing it off!! you are truly a daily inspiration for me, it’s one blog i have never out grown, still 3 years later i check it every day =) on my own blog – home tour day is on monday – and guess who’s home is featuring next week, yours of course =)

    Kate says:

    SUCH a sweet video. Love your new bedroom. Love all the color in your wardrobe. And love that you have such a serious face when decorating the tree 🙂



    Kerry Grolle says:

    The new RUE publication was beautiful. Everything felt very shiny, as holiday issues should. I can’t help but be left with the feeling of wanting more… Looking forward to the next RUE!

    KRS10 says:

    I have an exposed closet but for some reason never thought to color coordinate. It looks amazing!

    I just adored your loft feature in the holiday issue! so much!!

    Elizabeth B. says:

    So much to look at- love love your loft!

    Claire says:

    I am struggling this week studying for finals and recovering from strep throat…. but your posts and especially this one light up my days! love everything about the video 🙂 never stop inspiring =D

    Lemonni says:

    I think there’s an error on page 24. Some words are hiding underneath the Stella McCartney dress…

    Hello Friday says:

    Congrats! I’m excited for its holiday attire. xoxo

    Mimi says:

    Just gorgoeus 🙂 keep on .

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    Caitlin says:

    Color coordinating your closet is an absolute must – I’ve been doing it since I was about 10. My mom has always made fun of me – I’ll be sure to pass this post along to her.


    katie w says:

    another great issue of rue! and your loft is amazing….so much inspiration! 🙂

    erin says:

    Loved the new Rue issue… but most of all your LOFT! It is so beautiful, happy, and so thoughtfully put together (yet effortless)! I bet it is such a happy place to walk into each day. I especially love your bedroom. I also wanna offer myself to receive any hand-me-downs when you decide to re-decorate 😉 haha!

    Linn says:

    Aw. This is such a cute and fun video.

    Audrey says:

    one word : wow !
    Love every little things in this decor. Where did you get the duvet cover?

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