the other day, we decided to turn our blogshop packet into a perfect bound little magazine. we are testing out MagCloud for the printing first. they seem super affordable!

although our packets were just fine, our inner straight A students came out and we decided we HAD to spend 40+ hours making them perfect. (we know. we need help) i designed it, while angela shot some photos for it. like this super scary dino. for now, the magazine will be for blogshop students only. lots of tips & tricks, tutorials, suggestions etc.

and how cute are the new blogshop drives! i love the wood engraving.


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    meesch says:

    That photo is awesome! and yes, those drives are so cute with the wood engraving = )


    Brian says:

    Magcloud is great – super cheap and really good quality!

    katrina says:

    the drives are too cute – and great play with the photo

    Victoria says:

    adorable! I can’t wait for my blogging dream to come true- getting to go to Blogshop and see all of your work in action! Someday… <3

    Megan says:

    When will the mag be up? I’m so excited to see it!

    Amanda says:

    Love them! Where do you get them engraved? Online somewhere?

    A mag is brilliant!! And I am obsessed with my wood engraved flash drive. I keep it on my desk just to look at. : )

    Lizzy says:

    Pleeeease tell me that us non BlogShop peeps can purchase this mag. :0) LOVE your stuff!! <3

    i can’t wait to see this in person!!

    Tish says:

    Dang it all! Now I REALLY have to win the LA contest!!!

    Okay, this just made me so much MORE excited for this weekend’s blogshop (if that’s even possible!) Please tell me we get to touch those gorgeous little drives…

    Can’t wait!

    love the drives. can it get better? bri you are nuts + amazing 😉

    Alice Baxley says:

    any chance that previous blogshop students can get a copy of this pretty mag? 🙂

    Stacy says:

    I love this. And I second Alice’s question! My paper packet from my Bay Area Blogshop weekend is starting to fall apart!

    Lisa says:

    Hope you’ll consider selling outside of BlogShop classes – I probably won’t be able to attend a class but would love to read the mag!

    Annika says:

    Love the wood engraved flash drive. Any chance you have a trip to Australia planned for Blogshop?

    Erin says:

    Totally understand the straight A student syndrome… it can be maddening. Cannot wait to see this magazine & for Seattle Blogshop! Woot!

    Sarah Ruth says:

    I’m with Lisa!! You should highly consider selling outside the class, for those unable to attend a class. What one would do for one of these magazines you speak of!

    I’m with the other gals from previous #blogshops! I would love one Bri! xx Teressa

    Alix says:

    I second that motion! (Can prior BlogShoppers download it tooooo! Pretty please!)

    I MUST sign up or win a spot to blogshop!! What a DREAM!!

    Marie-Eve says:

    Like others said, I would buy the mag right away if it be available for non students of Blogshop! Pleeeease, think of us, poor people unable to attempt a class because we live too far…

    Tiffany says:

    ADORE the drives! Who’d you use for them?

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