so i am a huuuuuuge west elm fan. i can’t get enough, really. they give me modern design, without breakin ma bank. the one thing I hate? that it’s about a 40 minute drive from my house. but not anymore! they have a new LA store much closer that’s opening tomorrow!

SO! I am hosting (along with some of my favorite blogger friends!) the store opening party! can you come? sure you can! bring a friend, let’s hang out and have a cocktail together. and my friend, the flashdance, will be spinning records. you can’t miss that! make sure you RSVP if you want to join us!

…and to celebrate. i am giving away five of my favorite holiday items from west elm to one of you! that’s right, you heard me…FIVE!

you can win this super cool glass jar pendant light. which i want really badly myself. those watercolor dog appetizer plates. and how awesome is that metallic triangle pillow cover?

since my boyfriend is a vegetarian, real taxidermy ain’t gonna happen. but this white papier-mâché stag sure can! and those fur blankets look pretty heavenly, yes?

here is how to enter and make all 5 yours… (contest closed)

1. visit the west elm website and leave a comment telling me – what is your dream item from the store? i am really loving this!

we’ll be choosing one random winner on Monday, November 21st at 9am PST. (US residents only) good luck, folks!

update! the winner is #259 / Elizabeth!


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    nicole says:

    There is a spot on my wall just waiting for the white papier-mâché stag!

    Emily says:

    How awesome for you! Been drooling over the Kite Kilim Rug for far too long… Thanks1

    sarah.a says:

    that’s exciting! i can’t wait to go check out the store. i’m really liking the wire pendant chandelier and the glass jar pendants, interesting lighting 🙂

    My dream item would be the Elton Chair in Dandilion (or in the Faux Suede – Bone)! Comfy, classic yet modern. I love all of the West Elm home furnishings and decorations! If I lived on the west coast – I’d be there in two seconds flat! Have fun! 🙂

    Amanda Z says:

    You’re like a cuter, blonder Santa Claus! Great giveaway 🙂 I’ve been coveting these rugs for awhile: http://www.westelm.com/products/zigzag-rug-r656/?pkey=crugs-by-style

    Ciara says:

    Hosting a big party! That’s awesome! Wish I could be there. I love West Elm too. I’m especially loving the Mia Table Lamp and the Raw Edge Console Table. (and many other beauties!)

    Malori says:

    I lovee the flat bar storage desk! It’s beautiful!

    Krystal Jean says:

    I’ve had my eye on the marquis rug for sometime now. So handsome! Natural wool makes me swoon!

    Amy says:

    WOW! Generous giveaway of the year. Wish I could come to the party! Love all those items, and I’ve had my eye on the Chester sofa in gray…and Jack’s Tray side table. My life may just be complete with those two things. 🙂 And that paper-mache deer!

    Shannon says:

    I’m loving those fur blankets!! But I think my dream item is the Stria Bed Set.

    rachel! says:

    the tripod wood floor lamp is killer!!

    Emily says:

    I’m lovin the zigzag rug x1000!!!

    monica says:

    I’m beyond obsessed with the faceted mirror side table.

    super cool giveaway! fingers crossed.

    Yvonne says:

    I think I just want the Baxter Sectional for my living room. But everything they do is amazing. Just like you Bri!

    Jillian says:

    I would love the Elton Settee. This little Settee would be perfect for my tiny apartment and a nice pop of color!

    allie m says:

    Anything owls!

    CF says:

    Love West Elm! Currently moving (in LA!) so I can’t wait to pick out some decor items…love all of these here (Especially the glass jar pendant light!). Dream item is DEFINITELY the yellow Elton Setee…it is beyond perfect 🙂

    Jennie Campos says:

    I love West Elm, I was just there on Sunday. I am desperate need of a new sofa the CHESTER TUFTED UPHOLSTERED SOFA in blue velvet would be AMAZING!

    Taryn says:

    I love their new Lourdes Sánchez Bull’s-Eye Rug. I can just see it now…looking fab in any room!

    Cortney says:

    hello west elm LA! I can’t wait to check out the new store and with you throwing a party, I will be sure to make it out! I have been eyeballing those lacquer trays and butler stands for sometime now (even since your giveaway of them) Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

    Marissa says:

    this must be fate because i have an online shopping cart full of items at west elm and the papier mache stag is in there. i just adore that store!

    my favorite item right now is this square metallic lacquer tray which would be perfect on my coffee table for candles and other knick knacks. and i love the items you chose — they are perfect.

    Rachael says:

    i am wishing for a second that i lived in the states so i could ever this giveaway! this stuff looks nifty.

    katie says:

    My living room floor is really wanting the black and white zig zag rug!

    joni says:

    i am sooo loving the toy soldier nutcracker christmas thing! he’s adorable.

    Keri says:

    I am loving the stripe sheet set in navy! Just what I’ve been looking for.

    umm this is AMAZING, bri! love all of your picks. i was just at west elm last night for the design sponge book signing, and i wanted everrrrything! i’m particularly loving the carroll bench right now, perfect for the entryway!

    Allywan says:

    I’m really loving the organic chevron duvet cover. So cute and comfy.

    Joy says:

    I would love a Kantha Quilted Throw. So unique!

    Alex says:

    One big issue with my apartment is lighting – all the built-in lights are bright and obnoxious. I’d love to have one of their awesome standing lamps to provide some more modern options…


    emma says:

    I love the rajasthan-striped printed dhurrie [grey rug]. I would die for the long one to put in the hallway!

    sheenafae says:

    I just received my west elm catalog in the mail the other day. i am TOTALLY in LOVE with the mercury-glass owl. im obsessed with everything owls, but these are just too stinkin’ cute. 🙂

    Tish says:

    I’m all about the Tall Grid Tufted Headboard…been eyeing it for a looong time lol

    Danielle says:

    I love everything, but the fox doormat is so cute!

    AmyC83 says:

    I’m loving all of their holiday decor, especially the tree topper and misteltoe tree skirt!

    Brooke says:

    I am in love with their organic bird collage duvet set, but now equally in love with those pendant lamps!

    Loving the Egg Press dessert plates. Perfect for the holidays!

    caroline says:

    Well, this may sound a bit ordinary/practical, but I have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a little over two years now… so my dream item would be the simple wood bed frame in white.

    karie says:

    I’m wanting the Essex Printed Ottoman very badly…

    jennifer says:

    the distressed wood shelving unit is pretty cool. I could use 3.

    Helen K says:

    OMG I love all 5 giveaway items!!

    My fave from the store is the Lourdes Sanchez BullsEye Rug in Clay:


    Megan Gilger says:

    Seriously all the stuff from Egg Press makes me so happy and is perfect for the holidays! This is a wonderful giveaway and the grand opening sounds so fun!!

    sally says:

    To be honest I can’t get those faux fur throws out of my mind. They look so amazingly cozy!

    Amanda says:

    I love love love West Elm. The EVERETT UPHOLSTERED CHAIR is divine… I imagine myself reading in that chair in a room full of lovely natural light…. sigh…

    Sarah says:

    I’m currently coveting the Andalusia Rug. And I’m loving your picks. Have fun at the launch party!

    BRI!! First of all, I’m 100% coming to the store opening!! Can’t wait. Second, I’m obsessed with the salvaged wood shelves for my kitchen and the parsons low bookshelf for my living room.

    Carmen says:

    I’m loving the ceramic white alarm clocks 🙂

    Samara says:

    I actually just placed an order with West Elm yesterday for a bunch of small holiday gifts, including the chalkboard candle-pots, which will be tough for me to wrap up and give to someone else. I totally regret not ordering a set for myself. What was I thinking?!
    But I digress. I think my favorite item right now is actually the faux fur throw that you picked out. SO CHIC. I just moved into a new apartment at the beginning of November, and I can’t stop thinking about how my living room couch needs this throw!

    Alison says:

    I’ve got serious fall envy living down here in New Orleans. (I’m a former Chicagoan too!) All I want to do is curl up in a nice cozy blanket like this chunky guy. http://www.westelm.com/products/chunky-tassel-throw-r786/?pkey=cpillows-throws
    Have a fun party!

    This is so fabulous. Congrats! I love those papier-mache animals! But one of my favorite items on the site is this little bar – http://www.westelm.com/products/curved-front-bar-g499/?pkey=cconsoles-buffet-tables

    Sydney Robertson says:

    O man. I am big into accent furniture. I am really digging this BLISS chair & a half.

    CherryPop says:

    What a bad ass give-away B.Face – Me likey a cool floor lamp —-> http://www.westelm.com/products/industrial-task-floor-lamp-w648/?pkey=cfloor-lamps

    Kelly says:

    I LOVE the Jaipur printed dhurrie rug. It would be perfect in my living room!

    sierra kelly says:

    goodness how are we supposed to choose only ONE!?

    for the upcoming season of celebration, i think the platinum rimmed stemless wineglasses are just too gorgeous. and how fun would they look after a trip to the monogram shop?

    fingers crossed! 🙂

    Hi Bri! Soooo very excited about this giveaway!

    My favorite items (which i’ve been eying like CRAZY even before this sweepstake) have been this table: http://www.westelm.com/products/arc-base-pedestal-table-g490/?catalogId=66&cm_src=AutoRel I really need something to eat off of other than my little bar table…it’s getting ridiculous. Also, I loooove the white stag that you’ve posted! My boyfriend and I call each other deers (weird, I know…) and I think this would add such a special touch to our apartment. Love your blog and thanks for hosting this!

    Courtney Roberts says:

    Oh my, I REALLY love those Glass Jar Pendants you picked out! Aside from that though, the Faceted mirror sconces are AMAZING!

    paige w. says:

    Oooh. I have had my eye on the Bliss Chaise for quite a while now!

    andrea says:

    Awesome giveaway! I’m actually really loving the papier-mâché stag, but I really want the zigzag rug in brown!

    Dana says:

    I love the cluster glass pendant lights … http://www.westelm.com/products/cluster-pendant-w574/?pkey=call-lighting… they feel celestial and industrial at the same time, which… I am down with.

    as you say, whoah! this is quite a give-away! i too love west elm and so far, since i’m a lighting junkie (and i do like the one you like alot), i’m super drawn to the semi-flush faceted mirror with that tungsten bulb, just stunning. oh, and everything else too. crossing my fingers, toes and let me see, what else, my legs and eyes too…;)

    Kristen says:

    um, this is awesome! i visit WE every chance i get! excited to hear there’s one moving close by you!! have to say the SCHMIDT BROTHERS 15-PIECE DOWNTOWN BLOCK is pretty durn cool… nuff said.

    Carol says:

    I really want the wood tripod floor lamp. That would look amazing in my new living room!

    Aubree says:

    My dream item would definitely be the Blake sofa, I need something warm and comfy to cozy up my living room!

    Beth says:

    love their reasonably priced pendant lights and jute rugs, but whenever i’m traveling in a city with west elm, it’s the faceted mirror side table that catches my eye!

    jamie says:

    it might be because my feet are cold, but i loooove the zigzag rugs. so zigzaggy.

    Sarah says:

    Dream item? I’d have to say the overarching floor lamp. Thanks for the sweet giveaway bri and west elm!

    Katie says:

    I love unique lighting, so I am really digging the BRANCHES FLOOR LAMP, and also the glass jar pendant lighting that you featured. Our place is really in need of spruce up, especially as a broke, newly-wed couple! Hopefully I cam make it to the store opening party!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THE Kantha Quilted Pillow

    I am so excited about the store opening since it is less then 5 minutes from my house! I am sure to spend way too much time in there! Right now I am loving so many things but the long arm chandelier is high on my list. I love how it looks almost like a piece of sculpture.
    See you at the party!

    Sakura says:

    I LOVE West Elm! Dying to get my hands on the Offset Bench and Cushion (in MINK!!)

    Alison says:

    Oh gosh, I love everything at West Elm, but their rug selection is so nice. I’d probably get the RAJASTHAN-STRIPE PRINTED DHURRIE or the Bello Shag Rug.

    Gabriela says:

    Seeing as how I just moved cross country to Brooklyn, I am in dire need of some brand new dinnerware. This stunning David Stark Wood-Slices dinnerware set is exactly what I need to have beautiful accents in my kitchen and around the dinner table.

    Carrie says:

    That darn Kite Kilim Rug and I have been in a love/hate relationship for some time now. I love it; and it hates that it can’t come home with me! (I am totally digging their new monogram line too.) Cheers!

    Morgan P. says:

    I really love the glass jar pendant lights, but if I had to choose something else from their site (choose one? so difficult!), I would pick the Ikat Woven Collection. The textural woven baskets would be absolutely perfect next to our fireplace! LOVE them, your blog and this giveaway!

    nicole b. says:

    My dream item would be the Lorimer Sectional sofa. I’ve been eyeing that glass jar pendant lamp, too. Thanks for the chance to win, Bri! And have fun at the West Elm opening! What a fun group of ladies to party with! xo.

    [email protected]

    Amanda D. says:

    Hmm, I love the Organic Chevron Duvet, King and the matching King Shams!

    Emily says:

    The Tripod Wood Floor Lamp would look sick in my apartment! Love it. As would that pendant light.., and the deer, and the throw… Thank you!

    Alissa says:

    I love the owl measuring cups – too cute!

    meesch says:

    I LOVE the Jute dot rug! My tiny little apartment needs some sprucing up and I figure the best way to fake a total apartment makeover, is with a new rug! -meesch

    Jaimie says:

    I actually love the glass jar pendants. They would give any room the little bit of whimsey that I love in decorating.

    Angela says:

    I die for the monogram herringbone throw. I can see myself dragging it all over my place now that it’s getting chilly.

    kate n says:

    I’ve always loved that faux fur throw! Could keep me so warm in the winter here in Chicago!

    Elise says:

    I love the Diamond Tufted Headboard and the Thanksgiving dessert plates!!

    Mel S. says:

    That triangle pillow has been on my wish list for months now! But I’m saving my bones for the Henry sectional in lagoon. So dreamy.

    susie says:


    i just bought a place and have furnished it mostly with west elm furniture. i am waiting for this to go on sale! Love the tripod floor lamp!

    holly says:

    you have no idea how much i want the crosley ranchero radio. SO. BAD.

    Liza says:

    The Stria bed set is my dream item. I love that it’s made from reclaimed wood, and it has an awesome Swedish modern/camping vibe that I adore. I love what you’ve picked out for this giveaway – thanks for hosting, Bri! 🙂

    Julip Made says:

    What an awesome giveaway! West Elm has my heart especially the Bijoux-Dots sequin pillow and the faux fur throws have been on my wish list for a while now. I’d go with the mocha or the platinum. Fingers crossed!

    I really love the wingback nailhead headboard! SO gorgeous!

    Bec says:

    Faux fur throwwwww, yummmmmmmm. Yum in the aesthetic sense of course, not going to eat it. Might need to make an investment in one of those anyway. Somehow it just feels like a need instead of a want 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway Bri!

    Michelle says:

    The glitter bird ornaments are amazing. They would add such a sparkle to my Christmas tree!

    my daughter has a white parsons desk and i covet the metal version.

    thank you for the chance of giveaway, bri!

    Kari says:

    The Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet Cover + Shams looks heavenly!

    hot dog! This is a super stellar giveaway! If I could have one item from the entire West Elm store I would choose the Ryder Rocking Chair. I’ve been on the hunt for a guest bedroom chair that will one day double up as a comfy chair to rock a future little one to sleep 🙂

    fingers crossed!!!

    elissa says:

    ohhh so hard to choose a favorite piece. while i’m loving the ones you’re giving away i’m also jones-ing big time for the carroll farm dining table. so sleek.

    Beth J. says:

    Love, Love, Love the Papier Mache’ Stag!

    Kate says:

    That chandelier is amazing! I’ve been eyeing one of their jute rugs to soften up my kitchen for months.

    Amanda Blair says:

    This might sound boring but I really want the pivot storage bed frame. I like the dark wood and the extra storage is a plus for NY living.

    Caitlin says:

    Im currently creating a home office and I think the Parsons Mirror Console would look great behind my seating area! Thanks for the giveaway!


    jess says:

    I love the dipped side table with the bright pop of red against the exposed wood.

    I dream about the Essex Dhurrie Ottoman-Geo! http://tinyurl.com/7ftakuh …it is so fabulous and would fit perfectly in my living room.

    Kelli says:

    Those jar pendant lights would look amaze-balls in my kitchen….I have been eyeing them for some time now.

    Fingers crossed for a win!!!

    Halle says:

    absolutely loving the Turned-Leg Dhurrie Ottoman! great giveaway – love west elm!

    Joanna says:

    The Chester Tufted Upholstered Chair!! I am looking for a modern chair for my apartment – inspired by your loft photos! Crossing my fingers!!!

    Campbell says:

    Sweet! I LOVE their Parsons desk in the metal finish-just the right amount of raw polish for my taste.

    addie says:

    I’ve got my eye on their Henry arm chair for my apartment. Hope I win!

    Jillian Rose says:

    The overarching floor lamp in white makes my heart go pitter patter. Why are lamps always so expensive!

    Megan says:

    I love that white papier-mâché stag as well and the white wall clock! http://www.westelm.com/products/ceramic-white-wall-clock-a924/?pkey=chome-office-accessories

    I have so many crazy colors in my apartment – the white would be an nice addition to tone things down a bit 😉

    Jinger says:

    The woodgrain bath towels! (http://www.westelm.com/products/organic-woodgrain-towel-b611/?pkey=ctowel-bath-mats) They are completely beautiful and unnecessary, which makes them even better.

    samantha says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE West Elm.

    Those glass jar pendant lights are amazing!

    My dream piece from West Elm is the Henry sofa. They have it on display at the Nashville location and I often go to gawk.

    laura says:

    i’m LOVING the mia table lamp. adds the perfect amount of color to a space. west elm does it again!

    Megan Gibson says:

    My dream item would probably change daily…but what I really need right now is a headboard for my bed, and I have my eye on the tufted grid headboard that they are selling! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    Shari Castelli says:

    I love the random sparkle pillow cover–would be the perfect addition to the growing collection of throw pillows already on my bed (and not too girly for my boyfriend’s taste, either!)

    Jessica says:

    I love West Elm! My little home could use the Circles Rug -Sky to make it a little more cozy

    Kerry Grolle says:

    I’ve been planning to move up in the world and take my office out of the master bedroom… and the dream includes a few of the Finn Pendant Lamps over flat files. They’re so simple but can have such impact.

    Michelle says:

    I think that Chester tufter leather chair in pewter would look divine in front of my fireplace. But I also would make one hell of a holiday centerpiece with the Manzanita candelabra.

    Marilynn Ly says:

    Whoa! What a cool event! I’m an architect by day and love West Elm stuff! I think my favorite item right now are these dimpled cups – http://www.westelm.com/products/dimpled-drinkware-e545/?pkey=cglassware
    I want to serve some fun minty cocktails in them!

    Andrea says:

    I have been eye-balling those pendant lamps for a while. Beautiful! But some of their Christmas stuff is tugging at me as well…..

    Kate McPike says:

    Well that was beyond difficult to pick just one! But, I’m in LOVE with the golden Elton Chair. Tufted back, yes please! {Excited to see you at Alt!}

    Elyse says:

    Hello! My fave item from West Elm is (drummmmrolll…..) the Narrow-Leg Vanity. Perfect solution to my makeup and herr products!

    kayla says:

    I am needing that iron horse head lamp like no one’s business. Also, I’m with you Bri, those faux fur throws are to die!

    Christina says:

    I’ve been dying over their cowhide rugs for years now!

    Jen M. says:

    It’s high time for a new couch, so the Lorimer sectional in dove grey velvet is our newlywed pick!

    Shirley J says:

    There are so many fun things here…so hard to choose…but one of my dream items is the Rolling Storage http://www.westelm.com/products/6813398/?fwl=1&wlitemid=6813398&wlid=thf929vnft

    its genious! 🙂

    Elizabeth says:

    I looove foxed mirror buffet!!

    Kristy says:

    Other than all the items on your list, I am obsessed with the Chester Tufted Leather Chair. I just want to curl up with my nook and stay in that chair all day

    Landrie says:

    the Dumont buffet all the way… with its mid century modern lines, i LOVE it!

    Tracey says:

    Oh, I would love to win all this stuff! I really want the emerson dining table. So pretty.

    Hannah says:

    I have been wanting the Industrial Dining Table for months!! I love West Elm.

    Kristin says:

    Love, love, LOVE the Ryder rocking chair!

    Nancy says:

    I love the Ryder Rocking Chair, but I’m also falling hard for anything bearing a chevron pattern lately, so that Zigzag rug is totally calling my name, too!

    Lisette says:

    Oh, wow! I am absolutely in love with the glass jar pendants! they would make my quaint, little, college town house spark!

    Hayley Mann says:

    Gosh I just love West Elm. My dream (a dream that I may just make a reality) item is the tripod white table. We are in desperate need of a little table to dine at and it is the perfect petite size for our little apartment.

    Crystal says:

    My dream item is the cluster glass pendant!

    Brittany says:

    Oh goodness! That sounds like it’s gonna be a swingin’ party… what a great group of women! And a very generous giveaway, too!

    I’ve had my eye on that yellow Andalusia rug for a long time. Makes me wanna lay it on the ground and roll all over it.

    Brit says:

    I LOVE the nailhead wingback headboard! A dream.

    i would say the new Finn Chandelier or a set of the long-arm wall sconces; I need light!

    Kristina says:

    I am really loving the Bliss Chaise!

    Krystle says:

    I’m loving the CLUSTER GLASS PENDANT. So classy and fun.

    Megan says:

    I’ve been loving the zig zag rug for longer than I can remember. But the holiday spirit has hit me so I also covet all their sparkly decorations!

    I’m drooling over the Grey leather slipper chair we have a spot for it

    Sounds like a great party.


    Katelyn says:

    i’m kind of obsessed with the papier mache stag as well. That is so awesome that it is handmade in Haiti and supports the local artisans there! and recycled! can’t get much better than that!

    Gina M. says:

    My dream item has been the Diamond Tufted Headboard ever since it came out! They can do it in a dove gray velvet that is absolutely amazing. Someday I hope that I can have sweet dreams in this luxe bed! What a great giveaway!

    Elise says:

    That Emmerson Dining Bench is perfection. All that rustic and simple charm would look really great contrasted with some of the new beautiful xmas decor they have!

    Amy says:

    I love the parachute duvet cover in heather grey.

    Lisa says:

    There are so many things to love! Their Bliss Chair and a Half would be a dream come true – spacious for one, cozy for two, and definitely more stylish than the futon in our living room. 🙂

    mandy says:

    I’m still married to chevrons so I’d go for the organic chevron duvet & shams! What a sweet giveaway missy!

    Lorin says:

    I am just smitten with the Industrial Task Table Lamp! my fingers are crossed real tight that i win! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Oh my gosh I want to win this soooooooo super bad. I need those glass jar pendants right now!!!!!!!

    Katie says:

    So exciting! My dream items are the Mongolian Lamb Pillows and those Faux Fur Throws. Ooh yes!

    abby says:

    the tall grid tufted headboard, for sure . . . in heather gray! my guy and i are starting piece together our first apartment together . . . moving in after our wedding NEXT MONTH and this would be the perfect addition to headboard-less bed!

    Kim Ellis says:

    We are decorating our very first nursery and desperately need those glass jar pendants!!!!!

    ann says:

    furry throws my favorite. . . so perfect for the upcoming winter.

    Kymbre says:

    Ooo I love the dip dye throw! Can’t go wrong with a pretty blanket! :}

    stefanie d says:

    i love west elm! great design for my budget 🙂 i am coveting the perch glass table lamp, but can’t decide if i love the yellow or clear glass more!

    Iman says:

    I am absolutely loving the faux-fur throw !! my place is in deep need for it

    Jackie says:

    I’m dying over the glitter bird ornament (http://www.westelm.com/products/glitter-bird-ornament-c555/?pkey=choliday-decor). It looks just like the ones we had as our cake topper sitting inside a little nest.

    Stephanie says:

    West Elm is one of my favorites! The platinum fur throw is on my wish list and my dream item is the curved front bar. Thanks for this amazing giveaway! Whoever wins this is one verrry lucky duck!

    Rebeca Zoe says:

    This lap desk is my favorite because it’s modern but also functional. I work and go to school full time and when I come home to do homework I want to be comfy enough to relax from a long day but also be able to get my work done.
    The throws would be nice for that as well. (:


    Amber says:

    I LOVE the storage bed frame (http://www.westelm.com/products/storage-bed-frame-f829/?pkey=cmodern-bed-frames). I’ve been wanting this type of bed frame forever!

    meredith says:

    without a doubt, it’s gotta be the ryder rocking chair. it would look only too perfect in the living room of the apartment my boyfriend and i just bought!!

    Laura says:

    I have been looking at the zigzag rug for months now and just haven’t pulled the trigger!

    I love the Gourd Table Lamp!

    Michelle says:

    i love so many things at west elm it’s hard to pick a favorite but i can’t help but dream about settling down with a nice cup of tea and a good book on the chester tuffed upholstered sofa http://www.westelm.com/products/chester-tufted-upholsterd-sofa-g497/?pkey=cliving-room-seating

    so gorgeous

    Stephanie says:

    Oooo, the Chester Turfted Upholstered Sofa is my ultimate dream couch!

    Rachel D says:

    I would kill for this metal Parson’s desk. I absolutely adore it and would be so productive (hopefully.) Awesome contest. I’d name the deer Jerome.

    meL says:

    i have my eye on so many things from west elm; my cart is always waiting for me to hit checkout. the owl lamp for one… a shower curtain.. and a couple quilts… and jeez.. there’s really a lot of things i love.

    Elizabeth says:

    Out of the five choices my absolute favorite is the fur blanket in cheetah. If I were to pick any item from the store it would definitely have to be the Cabriole Leg Desk in Cinder, this small desk would be perfect for my new apartment. As a student it would be a great place to study and do homework on 🙂

    I want the Mongolian lamb pillows so badly!

    EvY says:

    i’m gonna go with the chester upholstered sofa being a dream item but i love their parsons bookshelves x 2

    Jamie says:

    the tufted elton chair in yellow is such a dream! as are those faux fur blankets! xoxo

    Bruce says:

    Wow, what a generous giveaway! So much to choose from! The Stria Nightstands are gorgeous!

    vanessa says:

    Love the safari (grey zebra print) rug and floating wood floor mirror!

    Ana says:

    Awesome giveaway! My favorite items right now are the Cada Table Lamp and the gold disco stocking. Can’t resist touches of gold.

    Ashlie says:

    I am so in the holiday mood right now and these double glass sphere ornaments are perfectly festive! http://www.westelm.com/products/double-sphere-ornament-a870/?pkey=cchristmas-ornaments

    Anna says:

    What’s not to love about West Elm? I am really loving the Elton Settee. I love the idea of a bench at the dining room table, and this upholstered one would match my chairs just right! 🙂

    liz says:

    i love the glass link chandelier! it’s perfectly whimsical the light echoes will illuminate a dining room so beautifully.

    Whitney says:

    I love West Elm’s industrial chic!! I’ve been eying their glass pendants lights and Essex ottoman for quite some time, so the jars make me *swoon!*

    I reeeeaaally want the Industrial Dining Table! Been on my wishlist for years now.

    Kyndra says:

    My office is dying for that Parsons Metal Desk – gaaaahhh. Going on my wishlist.

    Rebecca says:

    congrats on the hosting gig, what fun! the glass jar pendants are amazing, I need a new sofa like whoa, so i’d have to pick the Chester Tufted Upholstered Sofa as my dream item. yes please.

    steph anne says:

    I LOVE West Elm! I’d love to get the Medallion Shower Curtain! It’s so cute and I’m in need for a new shower curtain anyways.

    Christa M. says:

    I am dying for the Ceramic Pig Speaker. It may not be the most extravagant item on the site, but it is the first one that made me grin from ear to ear the instant it popped up. I am mentally making a place on my desk for it right now…while I make my own wishlist, of course!

    I’m totally in-love with that cream Essex Upholstered Ottoman because it reminds me of one I had to sell when I moved to LA. I used it in replace of my coffee table and I loved it so much.

    Anyway, would love to win and would also love to go to the event you’re hosting. 🙂

    xo Thank you!

    lauren says:

    i LOVE the essex printed ottoman!!

    Olivia Ricks says:

    Ooh la la- I think I could handle having this yetti pillow in amethyst.. maybe in every color! It just seems comforting 🙂

    Desiree says:

    I Love the tail grid headboard! Love west elm and may have to check out the opening tomorrow night! thanks for the heads up about this!

    katie says:

    this capiz light fixture used to be my most favorite thing from West Elm, but sadly, it’s no longer available.
    lately i’m coveting this bedding. but – really i’d take one of everything from that store! love it!

    Han says:

    definitely the quirky menswear trays- perfect for my bathroom 🙂

    west elm makes me super happy. i have been eyeing the kite kilm rug for ages now.

    Kate Noelle says:

    Oh MY…. I’ve been wanting the glass pendant jar lights for SOOOO long!

    Rachel says:

    Holy cow! A west Elm just opened by me as well and I have been resisting urges to buy everything! On my list is the Zig Zag Rug, love the graphic quality of this and the simple colors. I am also loving the Stray Dog Side Table in white.

    Simone Anne says:

    Wow! This is great! I love love love the Finn Chandelier. (In white. ha ha)

    Thank you!


    Rachel says:

    I just LOVE this ottoman it would be great in front of my fire place


    Lucia says:

    Really need a new desk but I like them all! And fur blankets. Oh my!

    Katie says:

    I love West Elm! I wish there was one closer to me too! Someday I hope to have an adult bed with a real headboard, like this: http://www.westelm.com/products/grid-tufted-headboard-g019/?pkey=cheadboards-bed-frames!

    Eliza says:

    Oh…I love West Elm too! And I am totally in love with their new Bliss sofa!

    Britt says:

    I love love love the Finn Chandelier. I pretty much stop in to West Elm on a weekly basis to drool over everything!

    Courtney says:

    I’ve actually had my eye on that fur blanket for some time now…

    Michelle says:

    My dream item may not be so dreamy but it is much needed – I love and need the 8×10 & 11×14 art frames for 20X200.com prints. I have so many prints that need frames….and I just RSVPd for the event! I’ll be done with finals so I’m in the clear!

    Keri says:

    I love the glass jar pendant light and West Elm!

    Hannah says:

    West Elm is wonderful! I would be thrilled to call any of these items my own, especially the glass jar pendant light! I’ve been looking for a new desk and the metal truss work table is my front runner!!

    Taylor Rae says:

    I LOVE West Elm, and DesignLoveFest (duh). I’m hosting my first “big girl” Christmas party this year and am drooling over all their great holiday stuff. My dream item has to be the Manzanita Candelabra. It would be great for my Christmas party but also something I could use after the holidays.

    Madeline says:

    Oh my! So many great, things, but I lovelovelove These greenhouses: http://www.westelm.com/products/glass-greenhouses-c299/?pkey=cdecorative-objects

    And that glass jar pendant light would look fabulous above my dresser.

    Well, don’t you just know how to make my day!! I pick the Hexagon Wall Mirror. It would be stunning in my entryway.

    Colleen says:

    I was obsessed with drawing owls as a girl. The embroidered owl pillow cover makes me swoon!

    Lindsey N says:

    Those doggie plates are the best! But if I picked anything on the website… I’ve been eyeing the Andalusia rug forever!

    kristen says:

    I make my husband go with me to the store in San Diego any time we’re within 20 miles of it. I have been drooling over the capiz lighting for awhile.

    Pankita says:

    Def wish I lived in LA so i could attend! But i am super OCD! and I would love to have the LACQUER OFFICE set! So classic and perfect 🙂

    Jessica says:

    I’ve been obsessing over the chester tufted sofa, the only problem is I can’t decide between the sleek pewter leather or the luxurious lagoon performance velvet! It’s such a gorgeous couch.

    domestic diva says:

    The zigzag rug is fab.

    Sarah says:

    The nearest West Elm to me is also a 40 minute drive (so if you’re reading this West Elm, please please open one south of SF!) I’ve got the wood slat dining table and benches on my wish list, so I can create an outdoor “dining room”, but really I love almost everything!

    Dani says:

    Your wish-listed chandelier is stunning! I’ve always admired their rugs. Cool giveaway!

    J Koorstra says:

    Oh I wish, wish I could get the ….. Turned Floor Lamp, Overarching Floor Lamp or the Tripod Wood Floor Lamp. They have fun lamps!

    Fingers crossed! Love your blog!


    Karlie says:

    I every so badly want a tufted headboard. Soooo pretty.

    P.S. What a fantastic giveaway 🙂

    Caroline C says:

    I love their pendant lights the best… the globe and the industrial have both caught my eye.

    melissa says:

    Would it be selfish if I said my favorite dream item is the Bliss Chair and 1/2 Allegra Hicks Ripple, Sky. If it is selfish, then I would totally say something more appropriate like, the tribal bath mat. Otherwise, Bliss Chair all the way! I LOVE W.E.!

    Christina says:

    I’m a sucker for pendant lights. the small wire pendants are dreamy– i’d put one in every room!

    thanks to rbi + west elm!

    Elisse says:

    My dream item is the Everett Kantha Chair: http://www.westelm.com/products/everett-kantha-chair-g476/?pkey=cchairs-ottomans
    It reminds me of my grandma!

    Pia says:

    I’m loving the safari rug in grey shade!! See you at the party!!! 😉

    Annie says:

    love, love, west elm! the thing i’ve been pining over most is the empire kilim rug, absolutely love the colors.

    Amanda says:

    gosh it’s hard to choice just one favorite. but in lieu of the holidays I would have to say the carved wood coffee table. it’s dreamy! thanks Bri!

    Erin says:

    Everything from West Elm is amazing, but I’ve had my eye on the Stria 6-Drawer Dresser. Love it!

    Mariah says:

    I especially love the “yours/mine” pillows cases. So Fun! It seems every night my husband and I are claiming the other has our pillow.

    Aly says:

    While at the current moment I’m wooed by the rad seasonal things such as the modern santa collection and the paper mache reindeer, practically my all season dream objects would be the antique tiled mirror and the veneer spheres and colored cylinder vases… or anything really.

    Victoria says:

    The Morocco Headboard is amazing! I grew up loving West Elm, j’adore!

    Natassia Capella says:

    Simple enough, I really love the organic chevron duvet cover and shams for my new place with the boyfriend-stylish yet not too feminine for him. If only they weren’t on backorder, I’d buy them today!

    Tracy Osborn says:

    Aaah I love West Elm! I really love these bowls (http://www.westelm.com/products/modern-bowls-e574) — I’m obsessed with cheery bright items to lighten up my day, and these are perfect.

    Hilary says:

    everything is heavenly! but honestly, i think i’d take the papier-mâché stag any day!

    Bridget says:

    The Emmerson Dining Table is too perfect. I need!

    Emily says:

    I don’t even have to go look on the West Elm website right now to know my dream item…because I’m on there practically everyday! My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home (a 1920’s craftsman/bungalow) and we have had our eyes set on the glass jar pendants to hang above our dining room table. They’re just so adorable!

    Alejandra says:

    The metal truss work table would be a dream! I’m trying to plan my own wedding and I would love a space where I could throw all my wedding stuff onto and be able to work!

    Jennifer says:

    i LOVE the ruffle quilt… and the felt wreath is perfectly adorable for Christmastime! 🙂

    Allyson says:

    I LOVE the Parsons Desk, so classic. Especially love the metal one!

    Tanya says:

    Love the Carved Wood Coffee Table!!!

    Erika says:

    Im in love with the Ryder Rocking Chair. Who doesn’t love a chair that rocks and this one is so super stylish!

    Anonymous says:

    I adore the gem mirror! It looks like a giant diamond and what girl doesn’t love a diamond. http://www.westelm.com/products/gem-mirror-c431/?pkey=cmirrors

    Allison Barbarash says:

    I adore the gem mirror! It looks like a giant diamond and what girl doesn’t love a diamond. http://www.westelm.com/products/gem-mirror-c431/?pkey=cmirrors

    Christie says:

    A pair of these Ellery chairs would look awesome in my living room and they’d go perfectly with my mint colored couch 🙂


    katee says:

    i am a lover of their jute rugs and euro pillows. thanks for the chance for the big win!

    Lisa says:

    I really hate my desk, so my dream item is definitely the parsons desk!

    Trisha Thompson says:

    Totally smitten with their martini side tables! And I’ve been lusting over their faux fur throws for quite some time now!

    Suzanna S says:

    That paper mâché deer head is mine! So you really would me making my day if you picked me!!

    Shaunescy says:

    I am one of those graphic designers who has worked at home for years from my kitchen table. I am just too picky and can’t commit to a desk, but I’ve finally found one that is perfect and I can envision in my space, (even though I have not hit the purchase button just yet)… It happens to be West Elm’s Metal Truss Work Table. Believe me I have been through every catalog, antique and thrift store around… Thanks West Elm! P.S. Still can’t get that chevron rug out of my head either, the black/cream and red one!

    rachel dewey says:

    Love the stag and the furs… and everything you are giving away annnnd everything that west elm sells in general. Oh to be uber rich and buy whatever I wanted.(sigh).
    Awesome give away!!!

    katie says:

    What a great giveaway!

    I love the stag! But my dream item right now is the Zig Zag Rug (http://www.westelm.com/products/zigzag-rug-r656/?pkey=crugs-flooring) or the Andalusia Rug (http://www.westelm.com/products/andalusia-rug-r653/?pkey=crugs-flooring). Clearly I’m in the market for a new rug 🙂 Thanks!

    jess says:

    luv the plates & mugs with owls. Owls in winter are like mermaids in summer…

    jill thomas says:

    dont even have to look as i already have my list! my next purchase at west elm is the large paper mache gemsbock. it is going right over my media center in my loft. it will be perfect. so fun to have a west elm near you, we love ours in san diego! see you at the party dear. 🙂

    kate says:

    im totally obsessed with west elm too! the ryder rocking chair is on my wishlist. it would be perfect for story time in my little munchkin’s room.

    Anna says:

    I would die for that Essex leather couch!! Classic!

    West elm has so many gorgeous things – I sneak over to the website every so often to check out all of their bedding, I just love it! They have some amazing rugs too, this one in particular is amazing!

    Bre says:

    I love West Elm as well! I love those glass green houses and are definitely my dream items. The stag is so cool and would look great in my apartment. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

    Elizabeth B. says:

    Oui, so much feedback already- I check your blog religiously too! I have been oogling over the Dumont buffet since the last catalogue arrived… perfectly modern with what reminds me of Danish legs. I love dark finishes with white. Someone is going to have a very merry Christmas when they hear that they have won this!

    Krysta says:

    I love me some West Elm! Beautiful items that you can actually afford! We just recently bought one of their lovely, cozy throws and a bar tray for our new home, and added a herringbone quilt to our wedding registry. I’m currently coveting the kite kilim rug… dream item!

    Awesome giveaway!!!! My dream item is the tripod wood floor lamp!!

    ann says:

    Totally loving the Industrial Bulb Pendant – like being at an old carnival.

    Kandyce Carroll says:

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! I am loving their Holiday decor especially the felt mistletoe! Thanks again Bri.

    Mai says:

    I love the coconut chandelier!

    Rebecca Holopter says:

    Deco Sequin Pillow please come to my home!!!!

    christina says:

    My walls need some love! they’re in desperate need of some art.
    Obsessed with the 20X200 WALL ART, NY.10.#28 and also the PAPIER-MÂCHÉ ANIMAL SCULPTURE, LARGE ANTLERS. West Elm is great! Have fun at the event, Bri!

    Kristin Milner says:

    Love, love, love the Perch Glass Lamp in yellow! It’s so bright, cheerful and perky! Wish I could put one in each room! http://www.designsponge.com/2011/11/diy-project-hanging-glass-globe-display.html


    Lisa says:

    Loving the Offset Bench! What a fabulous entry way or mudroom piece it would be!

    nathalie says:

    Have been lusting after the stag for months!

    colby says:

    Gosh I too love West Elm. I have a slight CHAIR ADDICTION but, as much as my mind is screaming ELLLLLTON IN DANDELIOOONNN, enough is enough (no, it isn’t), I’m going to have to say the LARGE WIRE PENDANT. That thing is a piece of junkyard-art.



    Holly says:

    I love West Elm and I love the Tripod Wood Floor Lamp!!

    Whimsy Being says:

    I love all of your picks! If i had to choose one favorite, I’m really loving the Tree Bark Duvet Cover. Thank you so much for the chance to win! 🙂

    Andrea says:

    I have always wanted a headboard of my own! I think it really envelops the room in an aesthetically pleasing way. I always looked to Carrie Bradshaw’s headboards for dream inspired aspirations! I love all the headboards on West Elm, but I’m particularly drawn to the WINGBACK NAILHEAD HEADBOARD, because the wings sort of create a safety net for me to sleep in!

    Jessica W says:

    I am all about the graduated stripe rug in iron! Stripes win my heart every time, and the iron color will likely take dirt much better than my not-so-bright-white-anymore rug.

    ashley says:

    i’ve always dreamed of owning the tall industrial metal bath cabinet. But you know what? I’d probably use it in my bedroom as a sweet place to store my jewelry, perfumes, and other trinkets I love to look at 🙂

    jennifer says:

    dream item? i’d love to get my hands on the metal truss work table!

    Ellie says:

    I just found your blog via sfgirlbythebay & I must say! Love. And the fact that you’re located right here where I spend nine months out of the year now {UCLA undergrad} makes me even more excited. Icing on the cake? Seeing that some of my favorite bloggers are getting together in one spot! {I happen to read cupcakesandcashmere daily & Oh Joy! is a newfound fav as well… and now you, too!}. This overload of wonderfulness is completely distracting me from my essay writing! *laughs*

    If I could chose a dream item from West Elm right now, I’d probably go with the Ryder Rocking Chair I saw over at Oh Joy!. It’s gorgeous and when I see it, I just want to curl up with a book {that isn’t a textbook!} and relax.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Wish I could be there tomorrow {but alas, I have classes to attend}.

    Ellie says:

    Apologies. I didn’t realize that my comment would show up as one huge block of text. Wow…

    Alex says:

    Love the cluster glass pendant and the glass jar pendants are awesome!

    katie says:

    Loving the industrial glass pendants for my dining room.

    Erin Turner says:

    Love the glass jar pendants.

    Bridget says:

    I would love a faux fur throw for my new west elm couch!

    Em says:

    I’m loving the luxurious fur throw. Perfect for a cozy winter evening.

    Kara says:

    I am sooooo obsessed with all of their bedding! especially this duvet here.. http://www.westelm.com/products/organic-rice-pintuck-duvet-shams-b678/?pkey=cduvet-covers…and don’t even get me started on their kitchen accessories, I may never stop. <3

    Melissa says:

    One of those fur blankets would look lovely on my ikea couch!

    Carly Stotts says:

    I just moved in to my boyfriend’s fully furnished home, and am trying to incorporate my style with his. Those jar pendant lights would be absolutely stunning in our entryway. Finally lighting we can agree on! Thanks so much for the eye candy everyday!!!

    Morgan says:

    I simply adore their striped duvet covers. The white + citron is perfectly lovely!

    laura says:

    ohhhh boy. so much love for west elm, but in my dreamworld, i love this: http://www.westelm.com/products/essex-sofa-g190/?pkey=call-living-room

    go big or go home, right?

    Rachael B says:

    The one thing I can’t stop looking at (besides those beautiful faux fur throws? The “Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz” light. My only problem is I can’t decide if I like the gray or white better. I’m leaning towards grey. This would look fantastic in the kitchen I’m imaging in my head. Black appliances, white countertops. Soft hints of blues and greys. Yes, I think grey will do just fine. Thank for you sharing this website. My morning at work will be spent sighing, oohing and aahing, and adding things to my wishlist!

    katie k says:

    there are so many things i love at west elm but right now i am really into the new bliss sofa!

    Laura says:

    Loving the white Paul Loebach Credenza!

    Cait says:

    My dream item is the Sweep Leather Arm Chair!

    Stacey Ko says:

    That Offset Bench will go PERFECTLY in my foyer!

    Justine says:

    My husband is in the Air Force so we live in base housing…whaa whaa. Our whole house is filled with lovely brown carpet. I would do anything to bring some life to my living room! I am in love with WestElm and have ordered a few small items. I would love to own the bright, happy colors of the Andalusia rug! I have been dreamiing of it for a while!

    Stephanie says:

    In love with the Gem Mirror. I love that it’s not perfectly designed and a little worn looking. I get this illustrated, Tim Burton feel about it. Very organic.

    Jenny says:

    Oh Man! I’m already LOVING that stag for my bare walls. And cozying up with those fur blankets by the fire IS dream!

    Karen V says:

    I couldn’t choose between THE CERAMIC WHITE ALARM CLOCKS and SIMPLE ETCHED HURRICANES booth are lovely….i love the white!!!!

    but is unfair i cant win all this beautiful things 🙁

    greetings from Colombia…… and Bri I Love what you do! pure creativity!! 🙂

    katie says:

    I love the emmerson dining table & those organic rice sheet sets look like I could stay in bed forever.

    annie says:

    it’s a tie between the storage bed frame and the finn chandelier – WANT! 🙂

    Andrea says:

    The antiqued tile floor mirror..

    Kara Gates says:

    WAHOO!! I LOOOVE West Elm! SO hard to pick just one…i love the salvaged wood shelves, they would look awesome in my kitchen…but I also love the paper mache stag…and definitely love those pendant lights. Can’t be picky in this heavenly store.

    Sara says:

    I lovelovelove the iznik dhurrie rug, it’s such a cool pop of color.

    Bry says:

    shut the front door….. wingback nailhead headboard. yes please!

    Emily says:

    Love, love, LOVE the Emmerson Dining Table. I sit at the in-store model and dream every time I visit West Elm. http://www.westelm.com/products/emmerson-dining-table-g504/?pkey=call-dining-room

    Leslie says:

    Oh, soooo many dream items from West Elm! One that would be the most handy for me now is the Pivot Storage Bed Frame, with the Morocco Headboard. Ok that’s two things, sorry! 🙂

    Katerri says:

    Thank you so much for the sweet giveaway! I love the Fox Doormat!! Pretty sure he would make a homecoming even sweeter!

    eva burns says:

    I don’t just dream about the CHESTER TUFTED LEATHER CHAIR, I need it. I only have a couch in my living room and it gets real awkward when guests come over.

    Kelsey TX says:

    Um the “Carved wood coffee table” is AH-MAZ-ING. Had to wipe my drool from the catalogue when I first saw it. 🙂

    I’m currently looking for a nice pendant light for my jewelry studio and I think the 4 colors industrial pendant lights would be just perfect! Thanks 🙂

    Elizabeth Johnson says:

    I’ve really been wanting a new desk, and the Modular Office desk looks AMAZING! Oh the work I could get done…

    Woo Hoo!! I am really in love with the Wingback Nailhead Headboard. It’s pretty angular and masculine, but that might offset all of the soft color and feminine drapery I have going on in my bedroom!

    Tiffany Rauda says:

    My bed longs for that faux fur throw! <3

    Claudia Bravo! says:

    I’m loving the MULTI-DOT PILLOW COVER!

    Kirsten says:

    I’ve had my eye on the Kite Kilim Rug – so cute!

    Mfree says:

    I’ve been waiting for that store to open! We’re in the market for a new ceiling light and I adore their wire pendants, thanks for the giveaway!

    Stacey says:

    Absolutely love the wire pendants, glass jar pendants, and the traditional wooden box. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Mallory says:

    I love the Finn Chandelier; it’d be perfect in my dining room!

    Charmaine says:

    The glass link chandelier is pretty ridiculous in a awesome way.

    hallie says:

    I’m the glass jar pendants. They would look amazing over my kitchen table.

    Congradts on all your success!

    sydney says:

    I love the of course the stag! (Insert thinking cap here)My tiny apartment would turn into a kingdom! YAY, West Elm.

    Amanda says:

    west elm does lighting so so well. i love the glass industrial pendant–it’s so beautiful!! it’s a dream light to go in my dream office.

    Christina says:

    Oh man, there are far too many West Elm pieces that I could call my “dream item”. One thing that sticks out as a fave is their Terracotta Table Lamp. It is FABulous. Thanks for throwing a great giveaway!

    katherine says:

    the everett upholstered chair/ottoman set would be a lovely addition to my huge living room with not enough seating!

    Jessie says:

    Now that it gets dark so early, a pendant light would really light up my studio.
    As far as a “dream item” it would be an 8×10 IZNIK DHURRIE rug in citron. what a perfect color and pattern.

    Melanie says:

    i’m lusting after the hand-blocked medallion quilt in blue! i can never have enough blankets and bedding!

    amy Pouliot says:

    I love all their little side tables – fun to move around as needed – love the tree stump and the jacks side tables the most right now. Of your giveaways, I’ve been NEEDING, the fur throw. Winter in Ohio is dismal.

    Rachel says:

    The klim rug is amazing. What a wonderful give-away 🙂

    Laura says:

    As simple as it is, I have been obsessed with the faceted mirror side table for the last few years. Maybe one of these days I’ll buy it! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE their rugs and ottomans… but that’s going to take much more saving.

    Biz says:

    i am in the market for a rug… and i love love love the kite kilim rug. love.

    Lindsay says:

    I would love the Andalusia Rug. I’m a sucker for all things yellow.


    Rachel R. says:

    Pick only one? Impossible! Any of the duvet covers are fantastic.

    ellie says:

    So tough! I am so practical that my eye was drawn to the jug lamp and the log stump table. (things we kinda need) But hey, you said dream right? The Ryder rocker!

    Jenny says:

    I love West Elm! It’s really hard to pick just one item, but I’d have to say the Essex Sofa in Ikat Feather Gray is definitely on my list.

    nicole says:

    holy ginormously generous giveaway Bri! naturally, the stag & faux fur throw would be right at home living with us. as for my dream item, i most often daydream of myself in my cozy living room sitting upon a Velvet Chester Tufted Sofa in Lagoon of course. and in order to avoid owning a lonely sofa, i’d probably feel obliged to go for the overarching floor lamp too. damn, i probably shouldn’t deny my family room that Bliss Sofa either. the Finn pendant is the bee’s knees! and i just snagged up a few of their chalkboard candlepots thanks to you. i feel like one lucky duck already! best of luck to all of your fans. oxo

    jordan shutt says:

    I need that martini side table in my house….likerightnow. :]

    Dennise says:

    Hooray! This is awesome Bri, wish I lived in LA so I could come hang with you guys! It’s hard for me to pick a favorite item but I have currently been drooling over the natural tree stump side table. xo

    Chrissy says:

    I’ve always thought a tufted headboard is the epitome of elegance! Still want one someday…


    Andrea says:

    I would LOVE a Henry Sofa! Our current sofa has been gutted by our tabby cat, and now has a barely passable slip cover on it… 🙂 Thank you for the chance to dream!

    melissa says:

    i am in love with the coconut fringe chandelier! love love love it!

    Kathy in Michigan says:

    This is a hard one. I think it would be a toss up between the Cafe Mugs and the Egg Press Canapé Plates.

    joanna says:

    I love love the Blanket Stitch Jute Rug! 🙂

    Kate Roebuck says:

    Is it totally piggy to say I want this beautiful Foxed Mirror buffet…cause i don’t WANT it, i NEED it!

    Kathleen says:

    I need those class jar pendants!!! They must have been made for my loft in Chicago.

    Mary Beth says:

    I’ve been eye balling the paper machie stag for a year! He’d look so handsome on my wall no bambi spared! Happy Holidays Bri!

    Koie says:

    It is very difficult to choose my favorite! The bedding is amazing as is the dinnerware! Loved the entire site! Thanks for the introduction!

    Joanna Bayer says:

    Its so hard to choose just one, but I just got this awesome green couch and the Kantha Quilted Pillows would look just wonderful on them.


    Wish I could make it to the store opening! Have fun.


    Colby says:

    I am really digging anything and everything west elm has right now, but the one thing on the top of my must have wish list is Tripod Wood Floor Lamp.

    hannah moore says:

    I am in love with the TRIA 6-DRAWER DRESSER and BED SET right now. You just cannot beat the reclaimed wood look…(happy sigh).

    Sarah Zindt says:

    I really love the Random sparkle pillow and also the Iznik Dhurrie Rug, along with all the things you posted!!

    Holy cow!! Christmas come early!
    The Portico Mirror is the perfect circular mirror for my space. My head is spinning with excitement over that papier-mâché stag!
    You are such an inspiration Bri!
    [email protected]

    the deer head… for sure!!!

    Melissa says:

    I am loving the Jaipur Printed Dhurrie. So pretty!

    I love all of the Holiday decorations! I could trim my tree entirely in West Elm!

    Charlie says:

    I would *love* the cluster glass pendant, over the entryway in the loft!

    kelly says:

    I’ve been lusting over this Settee for ages…pretty please!

    Jenny says:

    I am dreaming of the PARSONS MIRROR DESK!!! I love West Elm!

    jordan r. says:

    I love, love, love the schmidt brothers downtown block – been needing a set of kitchen knives that lovely. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway opportunity! Wonderful 🙂

    Colleen says:

    I can’t pick one, but I love every single pillow!

    Jenn says:

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I love West Elm and they just recently opened a store here in Seattle! I think my dream item would be any one of their amazing sofas…I’m in desperate need of a new one. BUT, on the smaller end, I’m in love with their Modernist bowls and mugs and would love a set someday. 🙂

    Jessica Pritchard says:

    I love West Elm too! I wish I had one closer for sure. Right now what I would love in my living room is the Essex Printed Bench! So so pretty.

    Jenny says:

    I am also so excited that a West Elm opened here on Beverly! The last time I was in their Santa Monica store, I was immediately drawn to a soft cozy thick throw with a faux-fur layer on top, and a thick knitted layer underneath. I wish I could find a picture of it online, but it’s seriously winter’s best friend.

    Lindsay says:

    I’m loving their Y-Base marble coffee table!

    tiffany says:

    I would LOVE the WINGBACK NAILHEAD HEADBOARD!! But I would also absolutely LOVE to win the beautiful collection you are giving away! Thanks for such an amazing giveaway!

    Dana says:

    I LOVE West Elm! We got the Henry sectional a few months ago and love it! If I had to pick just ONE thing on my dream list, it would be the Dumont Buffet – gorgeous!

    Rachel says:

    I’m pretty easy…the stella king quilt in oatmeal. Their bedding is heavenly!

    Sarah Ruth says:

    The Glass Greenhouses are perfect!! I wander if they have a little magic too, that will make my plants grow healthier and greener 🙂

    Megan Wells says:

    Um definitely the aluminum hexagon side table seen here: http://www.westelm.com/products/aluminum-hexagon-side-table-g197/?pkey=cdressers-nightstands

    Dang you give away great stuff. Cheerio!

    kelly ann says:

    I love the Morocco headboard! And of course, I would love to have a Parsons desk in the near future. 🙂

    Lauren Clay says:

    Love the industrial coffee table and the wire pendant light – small or large!

    Jasmine says:

    I sure hope I’m that lucky duck! I feel like I need those blankets.My favorite item is the rolling storage bookcase. I want one in every size!

    Ana says:

    I am OBSESSED with the papier mache stag!!

    My dream item from this winter’s collection is the Manzanita Candelabra. It is just so gorgeous… and USEFUL both for the holidays or anytime.

    i have the parsons desk….i would also love the parsons dining room table (and maybe 6 chairs to match)

    candice says:

    i need the glass jar pendants – i love the mod they’d add to my dining room table. thanks, bri!

    Jenna Wagner says:

    I am loving the wingback nailhead headboard…dreamy!

    ali says:

    The branches floor lamp!! I totally almost designed the same thing for a project in architecture school. Yippee…!

    Melissa says:

    Oh, man, it would make my month or even year (perhaps my year has been that pathetic?) to win this!

    I am dreaming of the Owl Table Lamp in white, and have been since they first stocked it! I must make it mine, eventually.

    Ash says:

    Oh my, the Essex Kantha Ottoman – I am a sucker for patchwork ANYTHING! *fingers crossed*

    callie says:

    The wooden salt bowls!

    Claudia says:

    I’ve got my heart set on the Lorimer Sectional. I go into their store just to admire it. True story.


    Anonymous says:

    ooooh oooh ooooh! I love the COLLAPSIBLE SAWHORSE TABLE!! It’s so perfect

    Krista says:

    J’adore West Elm! I love their Chesterfield chair in blue performance velvet (http://www.westelm.com/products/chester-tufted-upholsterd-chair-g496/?pkey=call-living-room). It would provide much needed seating whil looking fabulous! Coincidentally, I love the faux fur throw quite a bit too…
    I always enjoy your blog so much! Have fun at the opening!

    Julie K. says:

    I Luh-uve their wire pendants. Industrial and romantic. Perfect!

    Haley says:

    Got my eyes on those Banded Old Fashioned glasses! Echoes of 1960s New York, when cocktails were office supplies…

    Anonymous says:

    this is pretty awesome, bri!
    i am loving on the essex leather sofa (http://www.westelm.com/products/essex-leather-sofa-g277/?pkey=cliving-room-collections) right now… classic!

    stephen m says:

    I’d love the morten table lamp. love west elm!

    Rose Wood says:

    The yellow martini side table-so simple, so functional but so bright and cheery! Love it

    Sara says:

    I have wanted the Pivot Storage Bed Frame for I don’t know how long. I LOVE West Elm. I live just a few miles from one now and it’s dangerous.

    Lauren Danae says:

    i’m loving that glass light display! pretty pretty!


    Elizabeth Anderson says:

    West Elm is dreamy! From your top 5 above I LOVE the watercolor dog plates. From the website…I want to curl up in the “Bliss Chair and a Half” with the matching ottoman of course. L-O-V-E it. Oh my!

    jes says:

    i love the paper mache stag and even though i’m not jewish i love the manzanitha menorah

    The Zhush says:

    Can I choose the whole site? No? Ok, then its the lacquered jewelry boxes for me!

    KSV says:

    I simply adore the Window Daybed in white, set in a white room… it would be my most favorite thing.


    Julia C says:

    LOVE the Lorimer Sectional… But i’d snatch up anything @ West Elm in a heart beat!

    Beth says:

    The Bliss Chair and a Half looks like that perfect spot to curl up and read a book. With a cheetah faux-fur throw of course. LOVE West Elm. Thanks for introducing me!

    e says:

    I’m a sucker for felt… I’m eyeing the Short Drum Pendant!

    Rachel says:

    I’ve been looking for a faux fur throw. I like these.

    Nicole says:

    So excited for the opening party and a huge fan of West Elm. I want to get all the cute woodland creature oranments for my tree!

    Shaina says:

    I’d have to say this gorgeous couch would be my dream item!


    But everything on that site is great. That deer head is awesome! I would love to put him next to my Christmas tree and wrap him in a fresh wreath. Thanks for this awesome giveaway 🙂

    Cora says:

    Im loving everything but the Handmade in Haiti ornaments are extra special! The paper mache animal sculptures are amazing too!

    i’ve had my eye on the owl table lamp for YEARS. so lovely.

    xo Alison

    Katie Jo says:

    We are moving into a new SF apartment. I would have to say that any of the amazing holiday ornaments would be a great addition. Also, I have had my eye on the KILIM Rug for sometime now. xo Katie Jo

    kyla says:

    i love your pick, but i also love this floor lamp:

    if i don’t win, the jar pendant lamp might have to be mine anyway =)

    Callie says:

    I am obsessed with that stag! I actually need it to survive I think… But this coffee table http://www.westelm.com/products/carved-wood-coffee-table-g414/?pkey=ccoffee-side-tables is on my wishlist. if it came with that tea set i might just die from joy!

    autumn says:

    They have such beautiful chandeliers especially the coconut and stray dog. I also love all the dog themed items they have.

    vivi says:

    My favorite must-have would be the modern windsor chaise. Swoon!

    Courtney says:

    LOVE the stag! Swooning over the Chester Tufted Sofa as well…and the Bliss Chair…and…

    liz says:

    oh boy, what an awesome giveaway! that glass pendant is gorge.

    Ellie says:

    Have you seen the Paul Loebuch Tall Shelf? Glorious.

    Kersey says:

    I LOVE the gold triangles pillow. I blogged about it a few weeks ago and have been thinking about it ever since.

    kimberly says:

    i have approximately one billion west elm items in my home and love every one. now at the top of my current wish list is the owl table lamp. i can’t imagine a sweet lamp at my bedside.

    Nicole B. says:

    I’m obsessed with their cozy throws. I would love to have one in each room of the house!

    Keri says:

    I love the tufted diagonal headboard. I’ve been wanting it for so very long!

    Nali P. says:

    Love the Marquis Rug. Thank you for the giveaway!

    Terumi says:

    Dream item is the overarching floor lamp-I’m waiting till the toddlers get a little older-it looks like a monkey bar. Love the cozy throws too!

    Ashley says:

    I love their headboards – especially the tufted leather. Also obsessed with the Parsons mirror desk. West Elm FTW.

    Jamie Lyn says:

    two words: Pebble Rug! I’m obsessed. and daily look at it trying to see if somehow I cam magically justify the purchase for our living room! 🙂

    Cory says:

    I really love the glass jar pendants. Would love to hang those in my house.

    Liz Morgan says:

    I would love the Turned Table Lamp along with the Herringbone Throw in my livingroom in stone white. Perfect accents for the winter ahead – cozy!

    agnes says:

    i covet the giant zigzag rug – it would make my living room so very Twin Peaks…

    Sarah says:

    I really want a fur throw… I just found out my pup is allergic to wool- so it is goodbye wool rugs in the bedroom! I’m thinking the fur throw with rug pad would be a lovely floor covering for the cold Chicago months!

    jen says:

    Definitely the Jaipur Printed Dhurrie rug, my wooden floored studio is currently rugless and that would be perfect.

    Elisha says:

    That’s like asking me to choose between coffee and chocolate!! They have too many fabulous things. But I think my favorite is the rustic dining chair!

    All my life I have wanted a stag head on my wall… yes that sounds creepy. But it would make my Christmas dreams come true!!! You’re the best Bri!

    Courtney-Lynn says:

    The new white branch coat rack is adorable!!! I could use that for my studio apartment to save space.

    julie says:

    Hii Bri, there are so many things at the west elm site; ranging form the unnecessary wants to all the needs of my room, i think my favorite is the NATIVE UNION POP PHONE. It’s a traditional shaped phone with pop color, and with cell phone everywhere it would be nice to have a semi-real phone around. Thanks for this opportunity.

    Lana says:

    Loving the Raw Edge Media Console table. Something about the rustic quality is really beautiful.

    Gloria says:

    Having that furry blanket on my couch would be heavenly!

    Kristin says:

    The Bliss sofa looks like the perfect sofa for catnaps in my home office! Will have to fight the dogs for it though 🙂

    Randa says:

    I’ve been covering the pintuck duvet cover for YEARS now! Thanks for the giveaway! Fingies crossed!

    meg r. says:

    how fitting…i was planning a West Elm shopping spree this weekend. I am dreaming about the Emmerson Dining Table. Obsessed. Must have one of those fur throws…& I love the painted dog plates. Fingers crossed.

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I am in love with their monogram herringbone throws. They are too cute! You can never have to many throws 😉

    Jamie says:

    The Andalusia Rug. It’s beautiful!

    megs says:

    I want that offset bench please! If I had to pick just one, that would be it.

    I am smitten with all of their rugs – esp. the pebble, andalusia and the zebra hide!

    It’s simple, I know, but the short drum pendant is just so perfect. I think I’m crushing. ♥

    Caitlin says:

    I so badly want the tripod floor lamp. My apartment has no next to no overhead lighting, and i have been drooling over west elm’s lamps for month on end! I wish I could say I wanted something more spicy, but what’s greater than having light in your life!

    Jen says:

    I love their tufted headboards, stylish and practical.

    But I also love their felt Christmas ornaments. Adorable!

    lorie says:

    hard choice really, but.. i’m going with the rectangular capiz pendant. love to have it over my dining room table

    Steph says:

    I love the owl dessert plates!!

    Rachael C. says:

    I love the gem mirror! So perfect.

    Ellen Oliver says:

    I have been drooling over the Zigzag rug for MONTHS now!! And I loooove the Glass Jar Pendants!

    Kathryn says:

    The Ryder Rocking Chair is my current obsession!

    Melissa says:

    I just LOVE that metallic triangle pillow! I’ve been addicted to metallic gold since the 6th grade (several moons ago :\ ) and this pillow is totally feeding my addiction! 🙂

    I just found your website not too long ago and I love love love what you do, your style and your work (and subscribed to follow to keep up)!! I am a recent interior design grad and just moved into a new home and have been drooling over everything west elm.. my must have dream item right now would be their Industrial Coffee Table or Emmerson Dining Table (hard to choose!) out of the five giveaways I would have to choose the Glass Jar Pendant Light.. I hope to one day attend your shop classes (I wish I was in Atlanta now!)

    Jess says:

    I’ve had my eye on those doggie dishes for ages. Great giveaway, and those hanging pendant lights? Great!


    jade says:

    Love Love love the tripod floor lamp and the zig zag rug.

    Anthea says:

    Would have to say the Felt Garland…wool oh so soft and cozy, the warm thoughts of winter! FUN,FUN! And price is great compared to making it myself. What do you say about a blogshop in SAN DIEGO???

    Nathalie says:

    Love love the glass jar pendants, the sexy glazed pillow cover and the cast metal jewel tree!

    stephanie says:

    loooove the paul loebach tall shelf.

    Chelsea says:

    The faux fur tree skirt is pretty amazing! I love West Elm. xo

    Gail Shalan says:

    GOD THIS TABLE IS THE COOLEST!!! Seriously, I love beautiful man made things that echo nature. I also love white in the home, because it feels spacious and like a dream. And, come on…. the drinks on that table look SOOOO good.

    liz says:

    Ah…. to dream – the pewter leather sofa – http://www.westelm.com/m/products/chester-tufted-leather-sofa-g435/?pkey=csofas
    Thanks for the opp. Love your blog.

    Jenn b says:

    I adore so much from WE that it’s really difficult to pick one item but I am sort of crushing on the Bliss Sofa. Love the softness and low arms for better snuggling!

    Amy Nguyen says:

    West Elm doesn’t carry a thing that isn’t aesthetically stunning! Simple, classic, and refined. I especially love the Agate bookends, Triad Sawhorse Desk, Faceted Mirror Side table, and Chester Tufted Upholstered Sofa. Would love to win this pack, especially the faux fur throws. It looks like heaven!

    Emilia says:

    The “Elton settee” is so incredibly beautiful. A vintagey, mustard sofa. Comfy and fluffy but classic and elegant. It would go so wonderfully with my curtains. They’re handmade teal floral print, quilted madness. <3

    Stacy says:

    Wow, I started to look at the site and I got sucked in by all the beautiful products. I really love the Parsons console.

    Kim says:

    I’ve had my eye on the bubble ceramic side table FOREVER!

    maura says:

    Foxed Mirror Buffet – saw it at the store yesterday and fell in love. love the mirrors!

    Longing for the faux fur throw + can’t wait to decorate with their felt garland for fall! They rock.

    Sms says:

    The window headboard

    Jen says:

    The Stria 3-Drawer dresser is gorgeous!!!

    I’m loving the large wire pendant and the tripod floor lamp!

    Kristin says:

    Um, UH-MAY-ZING! I actually want the white stag! Why? Because my hunky boyfriend went on a hunting trip a few months back and failed to bring me back antlers. He was appalled when I told him I wanted a pair that I could paint. APPALLED! At least this way he won’t freak out and I won’t feel guilty for having a dead animal on my wall. Love, love!

    tyler says:

    the grid tufted headboard FOR SURE!!

    Alyssa Casiple says:

    My favorite item from West Elm is definitely the Elton Settee. It’s the perfect size to be a welcoming piece without taking up too much room! Plus, who can resist tufts?

    vivi says:

    I really adore the wire pendant chandelier!

    Andrea says:

    ooh, such great finds! I’m currently coveting the Stria bedroom collection. Thanks for the chance!

    kelsey says:

    love the random sparkle pillow cover & the faux fur throw!!! 🙂

    Ashley says:

    If the dhurrie ottoman was the only piece of furniture in my livingroom, i’d be happy!

    kristal says:

    I love the Mongolian Lamb Pillows, they are amazing!!!! They are much better than just those usual fluffy fur pillows. Definetely going to save up for one!

    Natalie says:

    i love the slate and wood boards!

    tbg says:

    loving the marquis rug!

    Lyndie says:

    SOO hard to pick, I love it all! But I’m in love with the chester tufted sofa! Have fun hosting the party 🙂

    apc says:

    I so badly want/need/dream of the 9 X 12 Kite Kilim rug!

    Briony says:

    i love the glass jar pendant and the industrial bulb pendant

    Hannah says:

    It may be super simple, but I love the Metal Truss Work Table. Clean and functional, awesome.

    Kim M. says:

    http://www.westelm.com/products/parachute-duvet-cover-shams-feather-gray-b801/?pkey=cgray-bedding I’ve been wanting a gray bedroom for awhile now!
    But really, that papier mache stag is high not the list. Ever since I saw a wooden one in a ski condo, I’ve been trying to find an affordable copy–this might be it!

    ashley k says:

    i absolutely love west elm! currently digging the Dumont Buffet. crossing my fingers and toes!

    Kathleen says:

    I love the chunky tassel throw and I am been looking for a paper mache stag like that for my new apartment! my roommate and i have to go into west elm every time we walk by. we just torture ourselves with inspiration !

    Taylor says:

    I love seeing all of the smiley faces scattered throughout the comments as a scroll down! I seriously need a duvet cover and have been eyeing the Organic Bird Collage…

    Kate says:

    i have to have the paper mache stag! i have an empty wall just waiting for it. it would go perfect with the modern-meets-nature vibe in my living room…as would the fur throw on my west elm henry couch!

    I’m loving the Jute Dot Rug!! My bare naked floors are screaming for a little warmth!!

    maribeth says:

    i just need more DLF posts! i’m melting without ’em.

    Randi K. says:

    The Essex printed bench!!! Perfect for the end of my bed! Those hive vases are also pretty darling!

    Mollie says:

    Love the Parsons Metal Desk!! Seriously love.

    Kirsten says:

    The Ryder Rocking chair! I have a soft spot for rocking chairs, but this one! — What lines and that perfect medium gray. I’m in love. Thanks for hosting this!

    Zoe says:

    Love west elm! And LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!
    My favorite things are the glass pendant lights (like this one http://www.westelm.com/products/globe-pendant-a563/?pkey=cpendant-lighting). The cookies for santa plate is also very cute!

    Katie says:

    I am currently looking for a new living room rug and I LOVE this one – RAJASTHAN-STRIPE PRINTED DHURRIE. This would look perfect in my house!

    adrian perry says:

    I absolutely ADORE the {wooden spheres} from West Elm! I would totally put them in our “Man cave” one week, then mix it up and put them (meaning all 6 that I would buy) lined up perfectly ontop of the fireplace mantel for a modern & steamlined focal point in the living area. I love a cluster too, the more the merrier! -Adrian

    Janette says:

    ah, the Chester tufted upholstered sofa (faux suede- in bone of course)..why do you tease me so? I have been dreaming of a sofa such as this and the perfect chic living room to go with it! The matching arm chairs are fabulous too.

    Kim says:

    My dream item would be the Walton Sectional, Ahhh! It’s so beautiful, I want to melt in it. Kim, XO

    courtney d says:

    My favorite thing would be the Henry Section for my living room.

    megan says:

    i really, really want the scroll headboard!

    reilly says:

    love, love the monogrammable white dinnerware!

    Kelsey says:

    I love the Kantha Quilted Throw-so beautiful!

    Vickie says:

    Oh, yah… that paper mache white stag is so calling my name.
    Thanks for hosting a giveaway! Oh but I really love the light fixture too.

    Anne says:

    the throw in Sky – perfect for my living room.

    emily says:

    love love the glass shadow boxes…so classic and pretty
    xo emily

    Nicole says:

    I would love the Olive Wood Paddle Boards! I’m a big cook, and having these babies would make entertaining that much more enjoyable.

    Alex Yates says:

    I really love all the items you are giving away, they can just add so much class to an apartment and what not. I especially love the stag!
    On the site I love the Essex Printed Bench, it’s so classy and simple. But it als adds a little flare to the room you put it in!

    xo Alex Yates

    Ayelet says:

    I loooove the gem mirror. Glam and fun!

    I’m dying for the Terra Dining Room Table! Siiiiigh.

    Jennifer says:

    I LOVE the Oasis Flatweave Rug… Adds a little texture while remaining neutral.

    jessica tran says:

    ive been dreaming of the gray pepple rug forever!

    s klug says:

    The Marquis rug. Love it.

    Meg Lewis says:

    I saw the Dumont Buffet in person and almost died. It is so gorgeous, the photo on the website doesn’t do it justice. Gorgeous.

    Great giveaway! I LOVE the traditional wooden box. The dual benefit of storage + design would be perfect for my city apartment.

    Anonymous says:

    I’ve been obsessed with the faceted mirror side table for months now! I love the way the slanted mirrors add depth to the room. Gorgeous.


    Lauren Eichinger says:

    Roebling Bed Set. Clean and Simple.

    Meg Allison says:

    I’ve been obsessed with the faceted mirror side table for months now! I love the way the slanted mirrors add depth to the room. Gorgeous.


    (Didn’t mean to submit this twice – forgot my contact info the first time, ooooops!)

    Alison Harshbarger says:

    It’s hard to just pick one thing. I love all of their end tables right now, but especially the dipped side table.

    Clara says:

    I was just in their store today and I absolutely love their round rope lamp! It’s irresistible.

    Jacki says:

    Those Quilted Throws (from recycled Indian saris) are gorgeous!

    Sara says:

    I’ve been wanting the paper mache gemsbock – I think it’s awesome!

    Allison says:

    Omg what don’t I love! I am dying for the 5 ball pendant light to go over my new dining room table, an of their couches, the honeycomb pillow, the white and grey safari rug….and the list goes on and on.

    Ashley says:

    In love with the Elton Settee!! If it was a boy, I’d marry it!

    Minna S. says:

    i would be happy with anything from west elm, but one of their beautiful rugs would make me smile!

    Tina says:

    I know it’s a cop-out to say that I love anything and everything from West Elm, so I’m going with the Stria bed. Looks so cool!

    Daphne says:

    definitely the papier mache stag. thanks for the chance!

    So fun! So many options, but the COLORED CYLINDER VASES are perfect!!

    I really love the Industrial Stool. Thinking I might have to get 4 for my new studio! This giveaway is awesome sauce btw.

    Annie says:

    Love the furry blankets you featured!

    McKenzie says:

    I l-o-v-e the faceted mirror side table!

    Jamie says:

    I would love to have SHANE POWERS HANGING GLASS BUBBLE COLLECTION hanging in my studio! I am very eco and nature chic and they would be perfect hanging from the corner of my office/art studio!

    DesertNana says:

    what an amazing give away!
    The pivot storage bed frame is number one on my list- as it solves the bedding storage dilemma out here in the windy and sandy Mojave Desert of Joshua Tree.
    Happy Holidays!

    EmilyJGriffin says:

    I messed my email up. Take two:

    Love these hammered trays (and DLF)! http://www.westelm.com/products/hammered-large-rectangular-tray-c351/?pkey=cserving-pieces


    Johnna says:

    I am MADLY in love with the diamond tufted headboard!! xoxo

    Jenny Roth says:

    I have always loved the faceted mirror side table. Everytime I go into west elm I covet it! Also, all their lighting. From ceiling pendants to reading lamps, the just get it right! Love the blog Miss Bri 🙂

    Cate says:

    My living room is in need of a major overhaul. The Chester Sofa would be a dream replacement for my tattered sofa and the Paul Loebach Credenza would be ideal for holding my TV. I pinned that pillow on Pinterest the other day, so I’d be super stoked to win it! Thanks Bri!

    I love how simple this desk is: http://www.westelm.com/products/metal-truss-work-table-g377/?pkey=coffice-desk-chairs

    I need a new desk for photo editing. It would surely look great with that stag head above it (vegan here!). 🙂

    Hope to win, we are currently redecorating. Thanks, Bri!

    Stacy says:

    I love the Pivot Storage Bed Frame. I have been shopping for a new bed frame and I want something that sits low to the ground, but I don’t want to give up my storage. This is the best because I can have both!

    Alyssa says:

    Those fur blankets are sweet! I also am coveting something from their hand block printed bedding line.

    Anonymous says:

    My LR coffee table needs a large rectangular tray (lacquer black) to hold my Domino book of decorating and some fresh flowers! Have had my eye on it for way too long!!!

    Emily says:

    I have been wanting the large rectangular tray (lacquer black) from West Elm for way too long. For my LR coffee table. Would look great with some fresh flowers and my fave books including my Domino Book of Decorating!

    steph says:

    The parsons mirror console or the Industrial Pendant Mercury have been on my WE wish list.

    Kelsie Rae says:

    LOVE the “Iznik Dhurrie” rug!

    Kelly says:

    I’m dreaming of the Parsons Media Console because our TV is currently sitting on a desk. This would definitely knock our living room up on the awesomeness level by 10 points for sure!

    Kj 1090 says:

    The “Cada table lamp” is simply wonderful.

    Aileen says:

    Oooh I do hope I’m in time! I’ve been crushing on the organic chevron duvet cover and shams for some time now. Love West Elm!

    The glass jar pendant lights are amazing!! <3 Our dining area would be transformed with this accent lighting 🙂

    Sabrina says:

    My dream item is definitely the Bello Shag Rug!!! This piece would be an awesome addition to my newly-wed space. A homey and comfey addition!!! 🙂

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