here we go. let the europe blogshop posting begin! let’s start with berlin. a very hip class in a verrrry cool location. the etsy labs hosted us in their adorable studio in kreuzberg.

photos by angela kohler

i fell in love with those hand carved wooden hearts the second I saw them. I knew they would be perfect for my students. i keep mine on my coffee table now.

our adorable intern Theresa was such a huge help. it was key that we found someone who spoke german. but she exceeded our expectations. and had wicked style too! she also made a bunch of journals for the class by hand! each page with a different vintage fashion illustration. i was SO touched.

some more of our awesome sponsors! (was going for the handmade feel since we were at etsy!)

1. tokketok: a letterpress studio that loves confetti and special details. LOVE her cards!
2. wish bracelets: a colorful string & tiny gold beads. perfect for bracelet layering!
3. pollito patterned cards: fun japanese tape, handmade vibe!
4. la kattun: she made us these adorable tissue holders with hand-printed fabric!

above are some snapshots I took with my phone. the etsy labs were in this beautiful brick courtyard with colored planters. and their signage was made out of lucite! so inspiring.

we took a walk to the garden to get some air and play around in the photobooth. i know i say this every time, but it’s true every time. i loved this class. each one with their own blogging goals and creative ideas. man, i love this job! and keep your eyes peeled for our paris class post along with the video from both classes!

berlin, we miss you dearly! to sign up for our london class just go right here.

and GUESS WHAT! we just added a new LA class that we announced last night and it’s already half full… get em while they’re hot!


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    Jennie says:

    Hi Bri! It’s my first time commenting but I’m a long time fan. Just wanted to you take the most adorable photos! Always inspiring!

    Lauren says:

    Hi Bri! You are such an inspiration as a designer! Blogshop looks like a blast, and I would love to attend if you brought one to Nashville in the spring!

    allie says:

    Bri, your hair is so awesome! 🙂

    Katie says:

    So glad you’re bringing more to LA. If I could afford to be there, I would! It must be so gratifying to be able to help people with all of their different blogging goals! 🙂

    Valentina says:

    I can’t believe it!!! I’ve been in Berlin for the first (and unfortunately only!) time in my life 3 years ago, and I rented a flat right in that building! I’m sure is the same one, even if I stayed just for a few days! I spent there new year’s eve, and with the snow it’s a really magical place!
    The perfect place for you and your Blogshop! 😉
    Hugs from Italy!

    Nicolle says:

    Will there be a video for your Berlin blogshop? I love those 🙂

    bri says:

    yes, there will be. but waiting to post about Paris first!

    Tabitha says:

    Love that wood heart, your scarf, and all the creativity/joy in these photos! I can’t wait for blogshop LA! Counting down the days…

    Teri says:

    everyone and everything is adorbs!

    tessa says:

    when is Jakarta class? ^_^

    Marlene says:

    Yay! It’s us! Thanks again for bringing the workshop to Berlin. Such a good time, such good teachers!

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