usually before we go to bed, we roam around on netflix instant and try to agree on a documentary to watch. i am so happy we decided on bill cunningham new york last night. you can watch the trailer here.

bill’s love for street fashion is absolutely infectious. his complete (and almost unhealthy) dedication to his work put me at ease in a way. i also got a kick out of his perfectionist nature, i can definitely relate. this film was the most wonderful way to get me inspired for a busy week, i highly recommend it.

if you like the sartorialist, then watch the guy who started it all.

photos here

and during his intense speech in paris (which brought tears to my eyes) about his passion for fashion, he tells the crowd:



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    Gaby says:

    i stumbled upon that doc on netflix two weeks ago when the bf was out of town. i wish he had seen it with me, he would have really loved it. i just want to give that man a hug!


    Molly Marler says:

    I am all over it! Thx for the recc, B!

    Anonymous says:

    Bill rode his bike past me one early morning last summer, I just about wet my pants. I wished him a good morning, he smiled and waved. Made my year!

    Jaycess says:

    Whoops, forgot to sign in. Bill rode past me, Jaycess!

    blythe says:

    I agree! Excellent movie… wonderful, wonderful person! I too cried at his speech.

    CherryPop says:

    Watching today while I knit 🙂
    Thanks B face!!!

    Lindsey says:

    Oooh! I LOVED this documentary. His passion for his work was so inspiring!

    Hanna says:

    Oh, I’ve wanted to watch this for ages and now even more!

    richele says:

    that movie is amazing.

    adele says:

    Sounds fab, wonder if I can get it on Sky xoxo

    Heather says:

    love this documentary! so inspiring! watch his column and he is also posting little movies on the nytimes website each week! This week is on Halloween! Here’s the link: http://video.nytimes.com/video/playlist/style/on-the-street/1247463985977/index.html

    Ana says:

    I saw it on a plane and teared up several times! When the assistant claimed some lady’s rain coat looked like a trash bag and Bill disagreed, saying she was a black rose? Or when one of the dandies had made a jacket out of his couch and pants out of his ottoman… It was just too good.

    Marisa says:

    I was elated when I saw that netflix was offering this on instant watch after missing it in the theatre. “Infectious” really is such a spot-on description for Bill’s enthusiasm! Such an extraordinary man (and interviewees as well!). Glad you enjoyed it!

    Jennie says:

    I saw this a couple weeks ago too, and I wish Bill was my quirky grandfather, haha! You’re right, that speech at the end was so great and so heartfelt. Btw, I spotted you near the Sunset Junction on Saturday afternoon, I had just gone to Forage with the bf, I wanted to say, “hi! I read your blog all the time!” but I thought that might be too creepy.

    amanda says:

    I love when you recommend different documentaries! Thank you! I love the Sartorialist (And Garance) so I’m sure I’ll love this documentary!

    Now, I shall recommend one to you! It’s more geared to the Sports world but it is incredibly inspiring and is currently on Netflix instant streaming: Spirit of the Marathon and Run Across the Sahara. They are both inspiring and can even be related to non-runners and just life in general. Thanks again!

    Mo says:

    I loved it too and teared up when the questions got personal. He has such a genuine kind heart and generous spirit. I love his infectious smile and laugh, come to think of it, it’s a bit like your smile Bri…

    bri says:

    aw thanks mo. that is so nice of you to say. it’s true about bill, his genuine spirit was so apparent!

    annawithlove says:

    bri, this post just sums up why you are so awesome, big hugs xo

    Irit says:

    Thanks for this, Bri.
    I watched it and was fascinated by it. A true legend. So inspiring.

    This makes me so happy- I had no idea this film was on Netflix Instant. I just added it and hope to watch it in the next couple of nights. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ll have to dig back through the blog for other documentaries you’ve recommended!

    Morgan P. says:

    I am so happy I read this post and found out from the comments that its on netflix! I can’t wait to watch it — I love Bill’s work!!

    Oh cool – my fella and I just saw the trailer to this last week on netflix – now we will for sure watch it! Thanks!

    eva burns says:

    Oh Bri! I watched this documentary when it was in theaters and immediately fell in love with Mr. Cunningham too. He’s the coolest. Just saw this little video at Oscar PR Girl blog. Beautiful clothes, plus some sneak peaks of Bill at work. http://oscarprgirl.tumblr.com/post/11867355225/tease-your-hair-and-break-out-the-ball-skirts

    Ashley says:

    ooh, I am definitely going to give this a peek. thx!

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