photos by max wanger

my husband, max, and i seem to spend more time on the road and in the air than we do in our own home. so when bri asked me to take over her style column while she’s off gallivanting around europe, i thought, what a perfect opportunity to highlight one of my favorite travel outfits!

i’ve by no means perfected the ultimate travel ensemble, but after one too many times of setting off the alarm at the airport and suffering through icy cold feet on a plane, i think i’ve finally come close. my requirements are simple: comfort, warmth and the speed at which i can race through security (i.e. no belts, long dresses or lace up shoes). oh, and it doesn’t hurt if i can avoid looking like i just rolled out of bed (although not always a deal breaker).

a quick, and necessary tip: always fly with a scarf or pashmina. besides the obvious reason, i can’t tell you how many times it’s come in handy to wrap around my face to avoid the embarrassing mouth-wide-open sleeping look!

a few other things i never travel without are my super dorky (yet extremely practical) rolling laptop bag. a pair of socks in my carry on. my new favorite toiletries bag that i scored on a recent trip to london. and a large tote bag to hold magazines, snacks, headphones and all of the other crap that somehow manages to find it’s way in.

what are your travel essentials? i’d love to know!


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    Love the J. Brand jeans. I’m really into colored denim for Fall! ~jen

    meesch says:

    I LOVE your green pants! Especially paired with that scarf, too cute = )


    myseastory says:

    what a great style post! love those jeans and scarf!

    Andrea says:

    I would never wear all that metal jewelry while traveling – no matter how stylish. :). I have a collection of nonmetal jewelry I use for traveling. Doesn’t set off metal detectors and is easy to pack. Other must haves – clip on watch (cause of no metal jewelry) that attaches to my bag, clipon compass for deciphering maps, noise canceling headphones and i products (pad, pod n phone) and a good supply of ziplock bags

    Jennifer B says:

    I recently took a trip with my best friend (our first time flying together) and she mocked me for bringing a black pashmina and using it to cover my face while I slept. As a seasoned traveler, I’ve been doing this for years! It’s great to know I’m not the only one.

    And aren’t Minnetonkas just the most comfortable shoes? 🙂 It’s all about slipper-esque shoes at the airport.

    such a fun outfit, I think it would work on paper but on Margaux ITS amazing!

    Lauren says:

    I’ve been excited all week about Margaux’s guest post! You are so lovely and I love you and your husband’s work. Thanks for the great tips for future travels

    i love your outfit! LOVE the color combination 😉
    xx ~ ks

    Christiana says:

    I love this look! Do you have a blog, Margaux? Would love to check it out!

    WhitneyP says:

    I hate to be terribly ignorant…but I’ve been to your blog before and have lost the url! I can’t find a link to your blog on here. Could you please post it in a comment or something like that, please?

    (love the moccasins and your hair is amazing. goodness.)

    Chelsea C. says:

    Love it all, top to bottom! The green pants are to die.

    sara says:

    I got to Italy in a few months– this outfit will be perfect for the long plane ride!

    Ali says:

    LOVE that scarf. It’s perfect for travelling because it can also be used as a plane blanket or eye mask!!

    adele says:

    Love the green jeans & your pom pom scarf! I share a lot of the same travel essentials as you having travelled a lot for both business & vacations.
    I also have to have a large bottle of water & hand sanitiser xoxo

    anna says:

    Now I am convinced I must have a pair of green jeans. Love your whole outfit!!

    sarah says:

    so cute margs!!!!!

    colored pants are such a great way to make a basic outfit super fun and fashionable. love this!

    Lindsay R says:

    I am so glad you said this because i wrapped a scarf around my eyes one time in order to sleep! great idea and love the outfit.


    Shoko says:

    I love it, Margaux!!

    First things first…you’re adorable, I love your fashion, and am so so happy Bri asked you to guest post while she’s off galavanting Europe 😉 Love your advice re: the scarf, too…I’m always so embarrassed when I wake up and realize my mouth’s been open and drooling. How rude of it! 😉 One additional travel essential of mine is a small cross-body purse with some $$ and my phone, ID card, etc…in case I lose a bag or in case I have to pull out $$ in a hurry and can’t find it in my tote bag. 😉

    margaux says:

    thanks so much for all your sweet words! christiana & whitneyp – i don’t have a personal blog at the moment, but there is something in the works. i’ll keep you posted 🙂

    kay* says:

    been reading for a few months now and i believe this is my first time commenting but what a great outfit! perfect for travel OR everyday i think 🙂 love the gold accessories (always a fan of gold) and that scarf is fabulous!

    nicole b. says:

    I love your moccasins! I wore that very same style in college until they literally fell apart. I might have to invest in another pair this fall. Thanks for the inspiration! Beautiful photos by your husband, too. xo.

    soonjo says:

    M- you look great and its not because of the legendary photog……but having a great one never hurts

    love the whole outfit! Green pants are just the right shade to go with everything…

    joy says:

    so pretty that margaux!

    that elephant bag is f-ing adorable!

    Dana says:

    Margaux…love your outfit. Emily would love your moccasins, she has some that lace up and wears them EVERYWHERE!! You did a fabulous job my dear and when you get your own blog..I def will follow. Love you, Auntie

    This is so effortless and cute! I love all the details, Kate Spade ring, Michael Kors watch, the hair!

    JenLynn says:

    What a great set! You hit all the majors when it comes to flying. Comfort and warmth are key for me.

    sarah.a says:

    great outfit. green jeans awesome.

    jenn says:

    oh my gosh margaux! i love this style post! you are so darling! and great tips on the travel outfit…couldn’t agree more!!!

    Ashley says:

    I have green skinnies that I only pull out on my brave days. These look so hot on you, I think I should pull mine out tonight!

    victoria says:

    you’ve got the ability to make any outfit look beautifully magical!

    i love that shade of lipstick you’re wearing. would you kindly share..?

    awaiting news of the margaux blog debut…


    kelly says:

    Adorable!!! Love those jeans!


    margaux says:

    thanks, victoria! the lip color is actually a liner by rimmel called red diva (024), mixed with a little clear gloss.

    Maggie Perry says:

    You look amazing! My top travel accessories are a scarf (so I can sleep with my mouth open) pair of socks, lotion, hand santizer, and of course lip balm. Ur such a celebrity!!

    dadiyo says:

    double booya! Gotta start your own clothing line.
    Must have big hoodie to hide under. start the blog
    change the world. They will follow.

    Sarah Ruth says:

    too cute Margaux! loved this post

    Shawn says:

    Could you be any cuter? Your hair looks great, especially peeking through the doors. Great photographer, by the way

    Lauren says:

    Gorgeous photography! That shade of green is amazing, I love it.

    x Lauren

    Charity says:

    you are absolutely gorgeous! that’s a fantastic outfit!

    janis says:

    i love everything about this outfit. it’s fantastic! i’m happy to see that you’ll be starting your own person blog – if this post is any indication, it would be great 🙂

    Mrs. Lilien says:

    That scarf is my everything… must make purchase!!! Gorge post!!


    jen says:

    well aren’t you the cutest!!

    Kate says:

    SO CUTE! I love everything about this outfit.



    Alice Baxley says:

    Love this outfit. Fun and cute! The green pants/jeans adds a pop of color and I love it!

    Pam says:

    Yay for Whataboutphoenix jewelry!

    eryn says:

    you are cutie cute cutie pie and i love this post. start a blog. <3

    melissa says:

    that scarf KILLS me!!!!

    Danielle says:

    What an adorable outfit! I have the same open mouthed problem when I fly and totally agree with the scarf necessity! haha!


    Libby Morris says:

    -Margaux what is your blog so we can check out more…?


    dragon fruit says:

    the color of those pants are ahhmazing!! love


    This is so cute Margaux! I want that scarf.

    aunt marcia says:

    Well, aren’t you just too cute for words? Thanks for the tips. I will pass this on to your cousins. Love you sweetie!

    Dani says:

    Does Margaux blog or just her husband?

    Alexa says:

    That is the cutest combo ever. Love the green and the mocassins. Actually I have those and they are so stylish and cozy.

    becky g says:

    I’d love to find your blog!!

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