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here are some of my favorite ways to get rid of it:

• step.away.from.the.computer.

• i like to make dinner. something that involves a lot of chopping. that way, i can focus on avoiding chopping off my fingers and not on the fact that i have 5 weeks to find an amazing space for this. (ahhh!)

• it’s kind of crazy how much a glass of wine works. i am not sure if it’s just a mental thing (?) because usually by sip 3, life seems just fine.

• there isn’t much cuddling can’t solve. (dog, boy, body pillow etc)

• but really, i like to just eat. when I am eating, life seems the least stressful to me. i can focus on how amazing those potatoes were and not some silly work drama.

so these aren’t really revolutionary ways of dealing with stress. they are just my ways. what are some of yours? it would not hurt to have a few more. (i know you guys are going to say work out. but i just cannot get into it!)


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    Dora B. says:

    I watch my favorite comedians. It ALWAYS

    Dora B. says:

    Well dang, I accidentally hit submit before I was finished. Anyway, I watch my favorite comedians on Comedy Central. It ALWAYS makes me laugh, and how stressed out can you be if you’re laughing, right?

    Megan says:

    This may sound weird, but I like to go outside to a place where I can see far. Such as sitting on a bench and looking across a body of water, just taking it all it. I think when you see things (physically) in perspective, it makes your own problems seem less like problems. Or maybe this is just because I’m from New York, where I live in a tiny studio and work in a tiny office?

    Jessica says:

    I say to myself & repeat “it could always be worse”. Then I treat myself to my favorite refreshing jamba juice/starbucks drink. Even driving with the windows rolled down or going on a run helps.

    I know this is going to sound really weird, but I play a few games of Halo. Something about virtually killing people and focusing on not being able to get killed, makes me forget what I was stressed about lol


    erin says:

    copious amounts of hot drinks: tea, chocolate, chai. anything goes. but also the wine. it does work like a charm.

    jess O. says:

    gotta totally second the power of a glass of wine (or a nice cold beer 😉 i also love letting myself just sit and watch one tv show or listen to one podcast. i have no other obligations until its over…

    Well, reading this post and all the comments just helped me tremendously, thanks guys!!! Sorry Bri, but I do love running. And I would be a lot thinner if I didn’t like eating more.

    Blythe says:

    I so agree with Dora B. Laughter is the BEST cure! I typically like to laugh (the really hard, silent, tears kind) with my husband or an old friend when I am stressed. I can actually remember some stressful times in my life as oddly being some of the funniest…I have a distinct memory of almost peeing my pants trying not to laugh with a girlfriend in the library during finals one year in college. When a friend was in the hospital, I remember we laughed so hard we cried about ridiculous memories we had from high school. Laughter is the best.

    Beverly says:

    Doodling! Don’t worry if it’s pretty or not. Lets your mind wander and relax. Like those endless heart chains from middleschool! Drinking some calming tea also helps me (when it’s not too hot outside). Reading is a good escape as well, get some easy reading and fun fiction, it doesn’t have to be super intellectual or momentously life changing.

    Mallory says:

    I zone out with a good mystery show, or get lost in a book I am really into!

    Ericka says:

    cheese & chocolate (lots of it!!)

    Yep, everyone one of those could easily have been on my list. And I totally agree about the working out thing! I am not on board. My husband did coerce me into joining him at the gym one day while I was super stressed & playing hooky at work. I’m hesitant to admit it, but I felt amazing afterwards. I think next time I take a dance class instead of hitting the gym… that’s much more my style.

    Man, I sure could benefit from that first one!! I love to read..I can get lost in the character and forget my own troubles. Also, grabbing my camera and walking around looking for inspiration never fails to lift my spirits!

    Kersey says:

    I second the eating remedy. Works miracles! In addition to eating, doing something for ME (i.e. pedi, reading, couch potato-ing) Good luck finding a great space!

    haha! i WAS going to say the obligatory “work out!” i mean, it DOES work, it’s just not always fun. my go-to is pretty strange……i love to clean when i’m stressed. weird, but luckily very productive. and there’s usually a glass of wine involved, too 🙂

    Noémie says:

    You can’t forget a good song and some dancing in your pj’s in the living room. the best stress reliever right there!

    kara rane says:

    going to look at ART.
    Being in Nature.
    swimming~~in the sea.

    Gisele says:

    Working in the yard works for me. I just need to put this computer down:)

    Christina says:

    Great post! I’ve actually had a very stressful day and now I’m unwinding by watching Friends. Working quite well actually.

    Gaby says:

    i can step onto the treadmill mad at the world and step off oblivious to what happened earlier that day. it’s magical.


    Laura says:

    Painting and drawing. I have a book just for sketching in and pages from a big, old calendar that are completely blank on the back and makes great victims for my painting ventures. Sometimes my walls fall victim to my painting. But really, I find those to be the things that relax me the most when I’m stressed about work or messed up emotionally. It’s wonderful. 🙂

    sarah.a says:

    all good ways, they are some of my stress-relief activities. exercise also, either a solid workout at the gym, a stroll around my area if it’s nice or a wander through the shopping centre.

    but wine, a good meal with the hubby and then maybe some tv or a movie in pi’s with ice cream – the best!

    Lauren says:

    go kayaking or get coffee with a friend. But my favorite one is to make a checklist and add things just so I can cross them off. That way the list instantly gets shorter and looks more legit because now something is crossed off. totally a mental thing, but hey.

    Irene says:

    Yes working out helps calm stress – in 2010 i was able to run a marathon with all the workout/training. I used to have uber stressful days turn into weeks where I had to pretend a glass of water was a glass of vodka. I know thats wrong. Very wrong. I blame my esthetician for putting that in my head. The bright side is having great skin because of all the water. (Way to have me drink more water, esthetician.) Another thing that helps me with stress is online shopping! Eek! Receiving a box in the middle of the day at the office with goods can brighten up the day a tad bit during a stressful week. Even more if its a book with great design images. Being in the entertainment industry makes one try out different things to calm down the stress. Happy hour is not one of them. Its over rated. One just needs to breath and believe everything is going to be ok. 🙂

    Michelle says:

    When I am super super stressed I just end up sleeping a lot, which isn’t particularly exicitng. Alternatively some lunch/drinks/dinner with the girls is always a good disttractor.

    When I’m stressed, I’m usually in the house, so I always take my dog out for a walk. It helps me just clear my head and I get that change of scenery which is a HUGE help for me! Plus, my dog is happy and getting his exercise. Two birds with one stone 😉

    Brittany says:

    Rock Climbing, I go to the rock gym even with my best friend and it is the BEST stress reliever. You can feel yourself getting stronger every time you go, and you reach goals by accomplishing a my challenging climb and just goofing off with my buddy. I have done this the night before i had a huge paper due and it iw was barely written and i was so stressed but then i came home and wrote the paper because my mind was clearer. Oh and PRAYER and reading the scriptures really gives a since of perspective and divine guidance. Failing a test is not going to keep me out of Heaven :)Phew

    sya says:

    ironing does it for me ;p oh, and vacuuming too ;D

    mehwish says:

    I read your blog…It takes away the stress of the day.

    Get back to nature! Or at least a walk!
    I’ve heard that creative people usually thinks in pictures (or at least more often than others) and that those thoughts are triggered by looking at large surfaces(like the sky or a large field, you know, a blank canvas). So my tip is to get back to nature, enjoy a walk that involves some sort of grass, woods or just some fresh air and a large sky over your head and you’ll get everything sorted out!

    Kim says:

    I like to take a dance class because it requires 100% focus so you cannot be worrying or thinking about anything else to do it well. Also, it’s more fun than exercise which is a requirement for me 🙂

    Doing workout DVD’s is also helpful – NOT because it’s ‘working out’ but because I can take out all my stress of the day by verbally assaulting the uber peppy instructor while getting a little exercise. Miracle stress cure. I’m not kidding.

    Whitney Grant says:

    I put this amazing vintage couch in my office so when I need a break I lay down and instantly feel better. It may sound weird, but it is a destressor to be spending some time on my favorite piece of furniture. Pride and Prejudice and a shoulder rub from the Husby helps too!!

    b. says:

    I like to paint a room, mostly edging more than rolling. It makes me content and almost like meditation for me. I also run or do a workout class… the music takes me away from it all and I come out refreshed and also proud that I did something good for my body… well until I have those few glasses of wine afterward. 😉

    joanne says:

    i’ve had a motto most of my life – “stressed spelled backwards is desserts”

    eat a brownie and everything will be alright 🙂

    bethany says:

    Read a good book, watch a good movie, take a nap, write, go to starbucks, throw a a party, and yes – eat or cook or both!

    Carolyn says:

    So funny– I blogged about stress today too! Besides looking at pictures of puppies online, I find that yoga and running are the best stress relievers. Anything that gets me moving! I also support kisses, cuddling, and hugs from the boyfriend for reducing stress.

    Leonie says:

    I HATE working out, but I have an exercise bike in my living room, just in case, you know? Anyway I’ve been really stressed lately and have found myself drawn to the bike. Not going fast or anything, just slowly pedalling away. I literally just did 5 miles without even realising, and I feel WAY less stressed.

    gia says:

    meditation when I really need to ground myself. Yoga journal online or even oprah.com has some spiritual messages that I like to consider. Lately it has helped me heal and open my heart again, which feels so good. It’s a constant, almost a preventative measure to stress. It’s hard to keep at it though, but I forgive myself. 😉

    Lindsay says:

    I’m a drawer. When I’m stressed, I allow myself to just feel it for a second, get overwhelmed, feel the tears rise to the surface, and then take a deep breath and draw. Doodle or masterpiece, it doesn’t matter. Focusing on shading and skinny or fat lines literally removes all worries from my mind. And a glass of wine doesn’t hurt either…

    AGMarshall says:

    A nice long walk, a great cup of coffee. But if I could buy a Punch’n’Cuddle I think it would be my ultimate stress reliever. I’d keep one at my office.

    I was way stressed the other day – work for grad school was feeling impossible, our house was a mess, I never seemed to get anything done…. I went into our bedroom, did half an hour of un-stressing yoga (video online) and felt so, so much better. (And then I cleaned a bunch and felt even better).

    Reading a book totally unrelated to work really helps me relax too – something I’ve known since I was little (I used to have fun books that I read at the same time as all the other reading for high school and college… which in retrospect is a little crazy!)

    Going out for a walk with the dog is also great, especially in the evening. He loves it and it feels good to get out of the house – a couple times late at night we’ve actually gone running around the neighborhood, which makes the neighbors laugh (my dog kind of looks like a rabbit when he runs, and I imagine I look pretty silly too, especially when I’m running in a dress!)

    Sarah says:

    I love coming home and cooking up a great dinner. It is so relaxing and it helps me feel like I’m taking good care of myself (rather than eating a blah-tasting frozen microwave dinner). Top it off with a glass of wine and some great music and I’m all set. Post dinner easy-going evening walks are also fab.

    Other great fixes: listening to podcasts (on walks, at work, on commutes, whenver I neeeeeed inspiration and connection) yoga, talking to my sista, and reading my fave blogs.

    Wine is definitely the number one stress buster followed closely with chopping veggies.

    nicole b. says:

    Exercise is mine! Also, cooking, cleaning and walking my dog. Talking to my sister also helps; the girl always knows *just* what to say and we usually share a good laugh. Great topic. Wine is a good one, too! xo.

    Alexa says:

    pick up an instrument… it’s easier than it looks 🙂

    Karissa says:

    I like to take my time curling my hair, I don’t know why but it’s so relaxing

    Mari W. says:

    calling friends always makes me feel better. and lately, taking ballet classes is good stress relief as well. it’s different from running or hitting up the gym, but you still get a work out and feel great afterward!

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