my very favorite accessory. scarves! tie those babies around your head, neck, purse, waist…the options go on and on, and so do the patterns! (as you can see from my extensive collection)

so here is a video of me taken during the style shoot. an ode to scarves, if you will.

video by angela+ithyle


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    Eva says:

    love this bri! everything came together perfect!

    jessie says:

    i love this!!! such a perfect coincidence that we started scarf swap signups today on TCC! kendi, katy, jentine & i are passing around a few this week as well, and we just might have to share your video if you don’t mind. 🙂

    btw, your redesign looks FAB!

    victoria says:

    just idly standing by over here…waiting for you to take over the world.

    love it all!

    Kate says:

    Now that is just the most adorable thing I have ever seen 🙂 What colour is your lipstick? I’m lovin’ it!



    it looks so gooood bri!! you were made to do what you are doing. xoxo

    meagan says:

    love love love love love.

    Ciara says:

    As always, completely adorable! That is, the blog, the scarf video, everything!

    joy says:

    LOVE your scarf fest and your new site! muah! -joy

    erin / dfm says:

    oh man, this is cute, cute, cute.

    Such a cute idea! Loved it.

    elaine says:

    love the new colors!! soaking up the goodness.

    my spatula says:

    so stinkin’ sweet and cute! i love the one in your hair the most!! xo.

    This was just precious!! I’ve started wearing scarves around my hair on bad hair days or when I feel like presenting a fun and stylish appearance…love it!

    designstiles says:

    You are too cute! Love the cha cha cha changes

    m.fay says:

    crazy for scarves and CRAZY about your new launch! congrats bri and thanks for inspiring us!

    Amy says:

    Oh, this is so adorable and fun! Your scarf collection rocks! Can my scarves and I come over to play?! 🙂

    Caroline says:

    This is a so cool! How beautiful- the lighting is amazing! You look beautiful!

    So glad that your blog is back up and running! i love it! thanks for the lovely tutorial & happy monday to you!
    xo~ kristina

    This is adorable! ps. The new design looks great!

    Sage Raval says:

    Who knew scarfs could be so playful? Well obviously you did Miss Bri!
    Adorable! Makes me want to dig out those lovely little silk beauties and tie them up.

    Anna says:

    real cute vid, Bri! site looks great. thanks again for the blogshop class this past weekend. I’m practicing now….


    Alice Baxley says:

    super cute! more more, I just keep thinking, “i wanna see more!”

    joana says:

    love the video, so much fun and inspiring!
    the new blog looks grest, cn’t wait to kep on exploring 😉
    xx joana

    Emma says:

    I love you and your scarfy self.

    robina says:

    Love the scarf tutorial! Love the new look for the blog. OK….How do you get your hair into that cool bun? I also have lots of long hair and am always looking for new ways to get my mop up and off my back! xoxo

    Rebecca says:

    This is adorable. LOVE it 🙂

    so freaking cute! love the new site, bri!

    So cute! I need to start rockin’ my scarves more.. I’m missing out on a fab accessory!

    This is such a cute video! Makes me want to play with my scarves now. So glad to have founded your blog!!



    Lucia says:

    So cute! I LOVE the new site and your video is too adorable. Inspiring! Off I go to dig out my scarves and get a little creative.

    Laura bear says:

    <3 <3 endless inspiration you are <3 ~~~ <3

    xanthe says:

    you are the cutest 🙂
    loving your blog’s “new look” x.

    Emma says:

    Love the scarves! Where do you find yours??

    tatiana says:

    you are so creative! this video is amazing and i love the scarves! do you mind sharing where you get them??

    bri says:

    hi tatiana! thank so much! i usually get my scarves from vintage stores or the rosebowl flea market has great ones for under 5 bucks!

    Kiersten Johnson says:

    Seriously love you and your site! You should due a tutorial on each of the ways to use scarfs. I know you showed us ways here but do each one individually and step by step. Thanks for such a fun site!

    I have always felt as though video was the next big wave for style blogging. It hasn’t caught on yet (heck, I don’t even do it) but I think this video of yours is the perfect example of how tremendously well it might work. Enjoying every bit of your content these days!!

    Love Im. says:

    this video totally made me wanna wear more scarves! 🙂

    Jaclyn says:

    So adorable! I love the yellow one with the dots and how you tried them out by tying them around your neck. Love it 🙂

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