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so i’m guessing you’ve come to know and love the honey badger like i have. it only seemed like the logical next step that i create a drink in it’s honor. i have always been a fan of the champagne cocktail.  it’s like a regular cocktail, but with a little party in the cup.
this one is super delicious, perfect for summer and already a proven crowd pleaser (i’ve forced it on several of my friends over the past week).

what you’ll need:

– 1 orange sliced into wedges
– 1 bottle of champagne (doesn’t even have to be the good stuff)
– 1 oz of st. germain (if you don’t have this in your liquor cabinet, or on your fancy bar cart – get it- immediately!!)
– 1 oz of honey syrup : so here’s the thing.  honey syrup sounds very fancy.  it’s not.  you do have to make it, but it’s really easy and it will most definitely get you respect amongst your peers once you have it in your arsenal.
– i encourage you to tell people that you make your own honey syrup, offer it up to them to put in their ice tea or just find a way to sneak it into conversation, like, “did you watch the bachelorette last night?  is that honey syrup?”

what to do:

– first you need to make the aforementioned honey syrup.
– heat 1 cup honey and 1 cup water in a pan, stirring until it simmers then remove from heat.  once cooled you can pour it into a cute jam jar or glass bottle and store in the fridge.


– add 1 oz of the cooled honey syrup to your favorite cocktail glass
– also add the st. germain


– squeeze one of the orange wedges into the mixture and plop the wedge into the glass
– top off the glass with champagne, give it a quick stir and you’re all set.

{ column + photos by jen gotch, design by bri }


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    Definitely trying this at a party I’m throwing on Saturday! Thanks for the perfect timing. 🙂

    Molly Marler says:

    honey…Honey Badger DO care! Honey Badger care VERY much! Trying this tonight! xo

    Sarah Morgan says:

    This looks delicious and amazing, much like the honey badger itself. (The amazing part, not the delicious part.)

    Johnna says:

    OMG I am making a batch this weekend — looks DELISH.

    Jacky says:

    Yum, I need a reason to make this. Or no reason at all? The fact that it’s Wednesday? Ok! Thanks Bri 🙂

    emma says:

    I’ve been addicted – well, not ADDICTED addicted – to St. Germain since it arrived on the U.S. market a few years ago. The whole idea of it’s deliciousness just makes me want to lounge in flapper wear and laugh uproariously. Divine.

    Zoe says:

    Love the honey syrup!!

    We’ve been adding St.Germaine to champers…with a little mint and lime…delicious!! Will have to definitely try this one.

    Lindsey says:

    “Did you watch the bachelorette last night? Is that honey syrup?” I died laughing! My “honey syrup” and I will be traveling to the NC mountains this weekend (how romantic!) and I will have to make some once we get there! Let’s get this party started…

    katie evans! says:

    i got a bottle of this as a house warming present and i haven’t opened it yet! this recipe sounds delicious. i’m going to open it asap.

    Danielle B says:

    Honey Badger is fierce, and so is this cocktail!

    Liz says:

    Omg. Must try immediately.

    this drink looks delicious! i’m always on the hunt for new concoctions!
    xo ~ kristina

    Kate says:

    The Honey Badger totally gives a fuck…LOVE IT.



    Elese says:

    Um…yes please!! Every sunday is champagne sunday for me….I am dying to try this. thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Yum this looks amazing! Not enough champagne cocktails in my life, but this will do the trick!

    adele says:

    Love love love champagne so it goes without saying that i’ll try this one!!!!

    Chris says:

    That’s quite nice, I especially liked the super-cute serving cup. Coincidentally, I made up a recipe awhile back I thought I would share:
    In one highball glass,
    – One part Jack
    – One part Jagger
    – One part Africanized Killer Bees
    – Two parts Colt 45 Malt Liquor
    Take glass, smash on floor.
    Shoot Jack, Jagger and Colt separately while rolling in shards. If you do it right the bees won’t attack out of fear.

    Oooo, I love St. Germain, and the champagne definitely pumps up the posh.

    denise says:

    SO PRETTY. i cannot even.x

    Mechelle says:

    Sounds refreshing!

    Angie says:

    This sounds DELICIOUS!!! We had a Midori Fresh Sour a few nights ago, which needed Simple Syrup. I think Honey Syrup sounds pretty much exactly the same. Just. With honey… ^_^

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    Cassi says:

    This sounds fun! My friend and I were just talking about installing a monthly cocktail party at our homes, and I think this should be my first recipe. Can you tell me what the St Germain tastes like? I’m not familiar with elderflower, although it is really popular right now. I’ve already got the champagne! Thanks. 🙂

    jennsoldit says:

    I never thought I would say this but “Honey Badger get in my mouth!”

    Candace says:

    I was introduced to St. Germain last summer and will NEVER do without it again…it is fabulous!!!

    April says:

    I think I’m in love with this drink!

    Martha says:

    I LOVE this! May I also suggest another champagne cocktail that I know you will love (learned this recipe at a lounge in Sicily last summer)
    Wine glass full of ice
    fill about 3/4 with champagne
    fill a little less than 1/4 with Hennessey
    add a small pit of honey ( maybe the size of a nickel or quater)
    add 3 drops of bitters

    This drink is incredibly refreshing and yummy!!

    Hodge says:

    Are you kidding? Have you watched the video? What is “pretty bad ass” or “fierce” about St Germain Edelweiss flower liqour, Champagne, honey or oranges (practically a French 77 with honey)? I guess you didn’t care, which is the only honey badger thing about it. Your liqour couldn’t be less African either (Africa does have oranges and honey).

    Meaghan says:

    I just made this and it’s so delicious. Thanks for the recipe!!!

    I says:

    How long is the honey syrup good for & does it need to be refrigerated?

    Thanks for this recipe – I loved it! I made it with Prosecco, and it was delicious!

    siwin says:

    hey there! I made a very boozy variation, I haven’t decided what to call it though!

    2 oz. whisky
    1 oz. st.germain
    1 oz. honey syrup

    pour over rocks in short glass.
    squeeze in 1 slice of orange. stir.
    don’t give a fuck!

    siwin says:

    I made a very boozy variation, I haven’t decided what to call it though!

    2 oz. whisky
    1 oz. st.germain
    1 oz. honey syrup

    pour over rocks in short glass.
    squeeze in 1 slice of orange. stir.
    don’t give a fuck!

    Simone Anne says:

    Well that looks delicious & easy. Also love your comments about adding honey syrup to conversation. hah!

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